Free Stories

These are all my stories, posted here free for you to enjoy. While many of them are acceptable reads for anyone, some contain language, sex, and/or violence. To be safe, I would ask that those under 18 don’t read them. Thank you! 🙂


The Beloved Dark Book (1st place winner on

Blanket of Shadows (1st place winner on

Drugs and Sex

Our Father (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner and newsletter feature)

The Splurge

White Picket ( newsletter feature)


Birthday Wish

Coffee Strike!

Critical Mass

The Disposible Love Interest

The Imp

Planet of the Turkeys (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)

The Whole New Thing (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)


The Filigree Ring (1st place winner on

The Hornswagglin’ Dentist

A Knight’s Tail (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)

The Red Knife of Hassan

Sea Monsters


A Day at the Office (2019 Quill Award Winner – Best Romance)

Freedom from Magic (Twisted Tales winner on


Climbing Philosophy (2nd place winner on


Sport Climb

Poetry (2019 Quill Award Nominee)

Bandit Art (Honorable mention on

Blackened Butterflies

Bonus Day

Christmas Cobwebs (2nd place winner on

Desolation Inside (1st place winner on

Escape to the Hills

Fantastic Aspirations

For the People (2nd place winner on

Freak (1st place winner on

Grasping with purpose

Grocery Store Shortage

Guilt Tree

The Hope of Power

A Kind Thief (1st place winner on

The Library (1st place winner on

Lonely in the Crowd

Masked Man? (2nd place winner on

The Message in the Music (2019 Quill Award Nominee – Best Short-Form Poem)

Metamorphosis of the Woods (2nd place winner on

Michelangelo’s Fingers (1st place winner on

Mien of Meaning (3rd place winner on

The Nihility That Is You

Phoenix ( newsletter feature)

Pocahontas’ Morning Ritual


Single’s Awareness Day (1st place winner on

Soul Sapping

Sweet Solace

Taking Flight (2nd place winner on

Tasting Nirvana

This Old Barn

‘Twas the Night of Some SCREAMS!!!ing (2019 Quill Award Honorable Mention – Holiday Poem)

The Warmth of a Snow Globe

Why Climb?

Work Well Done


Crush ( newsletter feature)

Love at First Class (2nd place winner on


All That Glitters…

Apex Predator



Cordelia’s Crumpets

Creepy Red

Creepy Grandma (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)

Cry Wolf! (2019 Quill Award Nominee – Best Dark Short Story)

The Destruction of the Fences

Drones (2nd place winner and newsletter feature)


Forks ( newsletter feature)

The Incel Killer

Job Hunt

Masked Desires (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)

The Most Terrifying Photo (Twisted Tales 1st place winner)

Murphy’s Loss (A Murphy Adventure)(SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)

Murphy’s Moment (A Murphy Adventure)

The Murderer’s Map ( newsletter feature)

Night Mare (SCREAMS!!! Daily and Weekly winner)


Predator (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)

The Rake (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)

Ring of Fire

Ring of Truth (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner and newsletter feature)

‘Round Midnight

Rule #8 (SCREAMS!!! Daily and Weekly winner)


Tarot Tryst ( newsletter feature)

The Tattoo

A Test of Chemistry (SCREAMS!!! Daily winner)


Three’s a Crowd


The Ugliest Beauty

Witches’ Revenge (SCREAMS!!! Daily and Weekly winner)


The Human Element (2nd place winner and newsletter feature)

Moral Imperative (1st place winner and newsletter feature)

Utopia is Boring ( newsletter feature)


A Ceem Story

The Chessboard

The Dreamer

Murphy’s Date (A Murphy Adventure)

Sex and Drugs


All That Jazz

The Amazing Adventures of Superior Girl

Ashley’s Envy

Clothes Make the Woman (Part 1 2)

A College Capture (Part 1 – story in progress)

The Comicomancer

Corruption (Part 1 2 3 4) (Note that part 1 was written entirely by Lucho)

A Day at the Office (2019 Quill Award Winner – Best Romance) *Audio available*


Full Bloom


Heavyweight 2

Human Clay

In a Class of Her Own (Part 1 2 3 4 – story in progress) *Audio available*

LitRPG at the Lab 1 (Part 1 2 – story in progress)

Little Sister

Miranda’s Gift

The Monolith (Coming)

Outcast (Coming)


Playing the Roll (Part 1 2 3 – story in progress)

Power Play

The Haunted Hero

Rachael’s Ascension

Ripples in Reality

Superman II – Alternate Ending

Synergy *Audio available*

Sex Witch (A Murphy Adventure)


The Sister (Part 1 2)

The Sister (Revised Edition)

The Spartan (Part 1 2 3 4)

Spirit Symbiote (Part 1 2 3)


The Swan

Thick as Thieves


Unknown Hands

Wings of Fortune (Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 – story in progress)


Absolute Truth

Art Begins to See (Winner on

Love at First Sight

No Match for the Real Thing

(Non) Fiction

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