I charge $20 per 1,000 words, half up front and half upon delivery of the finished product. I will only take the story if I think I can do it justice. I’m willing to write some pretty dark and/or sexy stuff, but even I have limits. 😉

I will send you the story outline after receiving as much or as little detail of the story concept as you wish to provide. Once we agree on that, I will write the story per that outline and deliver it. You can give me one round of any tweaks and/or edits that you feel are necessary, and I will deliver the finished product.

I do retain the rights to my work, so I can post it or publish it as I see fit. However, you will receive delivery of the story before I accept my commission, and it will be before anyone else has it. If you would like me to ghost write something for your eyes only, I’m open to that, but we would need to negotiate what that looks like.

If you’d like to propose a commissioned story, please message me on,,, or by email at

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