Sex and Drugs

I decided to revisit the story Drugs and Sex and convert it from a horror story to a kinda dark beautification story. I dropped the entire second scene of the story and reworked it from scratch from that point on.


“Not that much cough syrup! You need to save some. Just put in more Sprite!” I said, moving my hand to cover the cups.

“You wanna lean or not?” J said, knees bending and body bouncing to the beat of the music.

“Yeah, but that stuff’s prescription. I can’t get any more very easy! I only have any ‘cause my sister had pneumonia. Besides, I already had three beers,” I said, noticing that the floor was already undulating in rolling waves like the ocean on a breezy day.

“Fuck. Codeine & Promethazine is so fucking everywhere. Don’t worry about it.”

“Whatever. I’m not going to the doctor faking a cough to try to get more, stupid.”

“You don’t have to, Teresa. I got you.”

“You always talk like a badass, but you’re a frickin’ marshmallow. You don’t got anything!”

“Yeah? Well, you’re a bitch.” I couldn’t read her expression.

“Takes one to know one,” I said with a grin.

J took out two more cups, put some ice in the bottom, then dropped the cups containing the concoction into them. She dropped a few Skittles in each cup and handed one to Teresa, gulping down half of hers immediately.

“Jesus, J. Slow down! You’re gonna be on the floor!”

“I got this.”

“I told you already. You don’t got anything!”

I wasn’t proud of this, but I either needed drugs or a whole lot of alcohol to be able to do what I was about to do. I didn’t have the nerve without it.

“Drink up, bitch!” J told me. I could see her eyes beginning to feel the effects.

I took a big sip. It didn’t take long to kick in on top of the alcohol. I stumbled to the couch and plopped down next to a couple making out. I watched the lean emo guy sliding his tattooed hand over his skinny-jeaned partner’s ass.

J straddled me on the cushion as I took another drink. They called it leaning for good reason. The house might as well have been a ship at sea, languidly rocking back and forth. As the floor tilted, J’s lips met mine. Was I messed up enough to do this now?

I kissed her back hungrily.

I guess I was.

I slipped my hands between her calves and hamstrings. I loved J’s legs. Especially in leggings. Which is why she had worn them tonight. She knew me. Her hands cupped the back of my head, fingers sliding around my ponytail.

My hands slipped up to her ass and pulled her toward me, forcing her lips harder into mine. I could taste the purple drink on her lips, my inhibitions fading by the second. Everything else in the room began to fall away into oblivion. The feel of her soft, wet lips were my entire world.

My hands roamed upward along her back, under her top, digging into her satin skin. My fingers clenched, relaxed. Fuck! Her body felt so good. I trailed kisses along her cheek to her ear, whispering huskily between each touch of lips to flesh.

“Want… to go… to… your room?”

“Yeah… Fuck, yeah.”

I began to get up, and she slid off me. We staggered and stumbled our way upstairs, hands copping feels as we supported each other in our hazy stupor.

She pushed me to the bed, and I bounced on my back a few times before she pounced on me.

I knew what she liked–my small, pert breasts and toned stomach. I pulled off my top, squirming to create sufficient room to move the fabric upward. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and her hands found their way to my breasts quickly, massaging sparks into them. Her lips suckled and sucked. On my breasts… then abs… then lower. I vaguely felt my jeans being unbuttoned, but my impaired mind made everything vividly fuzzy. Everything except the sensation of touch. My chin rose, head tilting back. I heard moaning. I think it was coming from me.

Time moved quickly; my perception of it moved slowly, as if lagging by a few seconds. It was like having the audio and video out of sync on a television. I felt. And felt wonderful. Before I knew what was happening, rapture crashed through me. My hips were bucking, inner muscles clenching. I writhed. Holy shit! I was orgasming!

The whole thing had been a blur.

J flopped beside me, breathing heavily.

“God, Teresa! You’re a real wiggler!” she said.

I didn’t reply–verbally anyway. I rolled on top of her and kissed her desperately, biting into her lower lip a bit too hard. I could tell she liked the pain. The room was spinning, vertigo stirring in my flipping stomach. I nibbled at her ears, then her neck. Her beautiful body twisted and contorted in pleasure.

“Who’s the wiggler now?” I growled, feeling so sexy right now that I knew I could, and would, play her body like an instrument. This is why I loved the drugs. I could never feel like this without them. Sober, I couldn’t let go in this way.

I peeled her leggings, rolling them downward, tasting those luscious legs with my tongue before I drank from her. I gave her three climaxes before I was finished with her. She passed out on the bed.

I wanted more.

I slurped more of my drink, then swam to the hall, the walls bulging with serpentine motion into vaguely spherical shapes that rippled as I moved. My hands dragged along the walls for balance. My fingers told me that the walls were flat, but my eyes told me they weren’t. Telling 

Stumbling into another room, I found a guy I didn’t know. I bit my lip as I realized how much I wanted to get to know him. He looked like a Greek god. How had I not noticed him before? A guy that looked like this was hard to miss. He looked like he belonged in the movies, not at a house party. I watched his sculpted chest move under his shirt as he turned to face me. I saw nicely muscled arms. I moistened my lips. His delicious body told me everything I needed to about him. I was blazed, I wanted sex, and this guy looked like he would be completely amazing in the sack.

The realization that I was topless, jeans unbuttoned dawned on me. I didn’t fucking care. I knew I looked good. His eyes told me. Thanks to the drugs, the only thing that mattered was my desire. I loved the feeling of inhibitions fading from the forefront. They were still there; they simply didn’t seem so important. What was important right now was more sex. I craved it, and I would have it.

I crept toward him, giving him a show with my rolling hips along the way. By the time I leapt on him, he was hard. I was relentless, drinking his saliva, slithering under his muscled arms. I was really gone now, the drugs making time flow in fits and starts. Before I knew what had happened, he was inside me, pumping. I bounced up and down, the motion disorienting but good. Oh so fucking good. He filled me, his cock so huge, so hard, so… unnnngghhh! I knew with certainty that it was me moaning this time.

The room had been spinning before. Now? I couldn’t even tell which direction was floor and which was ceiling. Was the disorientation from the drugs? Maybe. But my money was on the fucking unbelievable sexual magnum opus this ripped Adonis was delivering into my body.

It didn’t really matter. The whirling gyration of aching, biting, clenching, pleading, begging, and quivering was my entire world while he was inside me.

I felt him explode in me, and I milked him through it, my hips making our pleasure last until I felt telltale vibrations rising inside me as well.

I never even knew his name–or what he was.


I woke up the next morning naked next to J and stretched my legs. I had a bit of a headache and was a bit sore down there, but I felt fine otherwise. I slipped off the bed and put my feet on the floor. The floor seemed to come sooner than it should, but, groggy, I didn’t think much of it.

I pulled some clothes out of my dresser and shambled into the bathroom, closing the door. I splashed some water on my face over the sink. As I dried my face, I finally noticed.

I was beautiful.

No, that wasn’t a strong enough word for it. I was… Absolutely. Fucking Stunning.

Was that seriously me?

I rotated my head in a circle, examining my perfect complexion–my delicate, sculpted bone structure from every possible angle. I’ve read that everyone had a good side or angle where they look their best.

I turned my head to the right. Fucking amazing. That was definitely my good side. I turned my head to the left. Holy shit! No, I take it back. This was my better side. It had to be. No one looked any better than this! I turned back to make sure, and hell if that side didn’t look just as good, if not better. Giving up on trying to decide between the better of perfection and, well, more perfection, I examined the rest of my features.

My lips looked sensual and full; my eyes were huge, looking brilliant and luminous on my gorgeous face.

I looked like a supermodel’s prettier sister.

How the fuck had this happened? I had always been pretty, but now?

I stood up straight, no longer hunching so close to the mirror, and realized that my face wasn’t the only thing that had changed.

My breasts swelled full and proud over my still-slender, lithe torso. My arms looked toned and defined, muscles carved and distinct while still remaining extremely feminine. My abs were incredible, every abdominal and oblique muscle clearly sculpted into my ridiculously sexy stomach. My succulent ass and hips were firm,  and well-formed. My legs flowed downward unbelievably long and sensually shaped with slim thighs and sleekly bulging calves.

My body was every bit as abso-fucking-lutely magnificent as my face.

How had this happened? I thought back on the previous night. I had been leaning on Codeine and Promethazine syrup, but this was hardly the first time. I had done it with J too. Again, not the first time. Then, my hazy mind suddenly found the answer.

Oh, my god! There was one thing that was new… That Adonis I had slept with before my high had faded and I had rejoined J in the bed! Fuck! Had I really done that? No more mixing alcohol and opioids! I hadn’t fucked a guy in a long time. I hadn’t even known that I wanted to! Or maybe it was just this particular guy. 

After I showered, I slipped on a skirt, stretchy top, and sneakers, not bothering with makeup or even my earrings or nose stud. My jeans and half of my tops didn’t fit anymore, courtesy of my insanely long legs and comparatively huge (for me, at least) breasts. At a glance, I thought I probably needed a D-cup when I made an unavoidable shopping trip later today, three sizes up from my usual size.

I was in a hurry to get out of here because I really didn’t want J to see me yet. I didn’t want to have to answer questions about my night with mystery man. The fact that I had sex with someone else probably wouldn’t be a big deal. The fact that it was a guy? That would really fucking set her off.

I got through classes for the day and even made a shopping stop to get some new bras and clothes that could fit this goddess version of my body. I always caught glances from guys, but today, it was full-on ogling, even from the TAs and professors! Fuckers. Haven’t they ever seen an über-supermodel before? Um,,, now that I put it that way, maybe the lecherous looks were justified! Hell, I probably would have done the same thing if I saw a woman like me in class.

The strangest thing was how turned on it got me. I found myself striking sexy poses and adopting sensual walks as I felt their eyes on me. I had been a bit shy before, hence the drugs for sex. Now, however, it was as if my body were detaching from my mind and exhibiting exhibitionist tendencies.

I threw my backpack and shopping bags on the floor of my room then flopped to my bed. As I thought about how to explain my changes to J, my eyes detected a change of light from the doorway. I turned my head toward the door, and… speak of the devil!

J gaped at my model-perfect complexion and exquisite features. I watched as her eyes widened further as they traveled the length of my delicious-AF curves. When her eyes made it back to mine, I saw desire absolutely dripping from them.

The feeling hit me harder this time. So much harder. I shivered, feeling my nipples harden with the electric sensation. I couldn’t suppress a moan. What was wrong with me?! I was feeling all kinds of sexy right now.

Before I knew what I was doing, my body was rising from the bed. I sauntered toward J as she began to form words with the lips I was about to kiss.

“What the fuck, Teresa? What happened to…”

She didn’t have a chance to finish before my tongue plunged into her mouth. I felt her knees weaken and snaked my willowy arms around her for support. Seriously? I had wobbled her knees with a kiss! One fucking kiss! It made me feel so powerful. I smiled as her head tilted back from the sudden, deep kiss. The change in position gave me access to her neck, even from the higher vantage point of my increased height. My lips touched her neck, enveloping a patch of delicious skin with their plump, ruby softness. My teeth pinched the sensitive flesh, grinding erotic thrills into her heart.

I twirled her around and flung her to the bed, much as she had me the night before. I could hear her breathing heavily, eyes glued to my mouth. I smiled darkly as I pulled off my top, strutting confidently toward her.

Who was this person? It damn well wasn’t me, the girl who needed drugs and/or alcohol just to have the nerve to go through with lesbian sex…

It was like my body knew it was irresistible and didn’t bother with annoying things like embarrassment or modesty. It seemed to be controlling my mind, rather than the other way around. My feelings of arousal and of the desire I could inspire in J were acting as the drugs usually did, throwing my insecurities and inhibitions to the side. I was like a giant boulder of id, rolling down a goddamn mountain.

I felt unstoppable. I knew that J was under my spell already, but I intended to weave something she could never escape.  

I felt my breasts bounce as the top came off. I flung to the side, not caring where it landed. My attention was squarely focused on the awestruck J, lying on the bed before me, tremors of anticipation tensing her muscles.

I squirmed out of the skirt, pulling it down over my rounded hips as they shimmied. A drop of drool formed at the corner of J’s mouth at the revelation of my nude form. I smirked–or rather, my body did–I was pretty much just along for the ride.

My shapely calves slid along the outside of hers, which dangled from the side of the bed. I lowered my knees to the edge of the bed, languidly slipping my silky thighs against hers. I could feel the tension in her legs. She was nervous. Poor little thing, she was scared of me now. My dark smile widened.

My slender fingers pushed her sweater upward to reveal her beautiful body. I placed my lips over her nipple, swirling my tongue and creating suction with my mouth. I felt her squirm, rubbing her thighs together.

I began to knead her breasts with my hands, while my mouth worked its way down her flat stomach. I bit the hem of her skirt and lifted it upward, dropping it the stomach that twisted with the ecstasy she knew was coming.

I bit her lacy panties, pulling them downward. They trapped her legs together. I left them that way as I moved my mouth toward her entrance, hands still working hot chills of pleasure into her sensitive breasts.

I heard her whimper, completely entangled in the simmeringly sensual web I was spinning. I aggressively plunged my tongue into her. She cried out in a half gasp, half scream. I had never seen her so turned on. But hell, I was probably her fantasy woman now. I was probably everyone’s fantasy woman.

I licked around her, inside her, lapping the tangy juices that tasted so distinctly like J. I nipped her clit with my teeth, touching it for the first time, sending a shudder through her body like lava rippling from a volcano before it erupted.

I swirled and whirled with tongue; sucked and teased with lips; clenched and scraped with teeth. Her body was wound so tightly now with pent-up heat that her moans had transformed to urgent, desperate begging.

“Please, Teresa. Oh, my fucking God… PLEASE!!!” 

I tortured her, keeping her at the brink minute after minute, savoring every moment of almost-but-not-quite tantalization. I heard her gasping, hyperventilating.

Finally, when she mustered the strength for another plea, I brought her over the edge in spectacular fashion.

“Teresa… help me… I… need it!”

As I clenched down on her, my long, flexible tongue rubbing up and down, pressing as hard as I could, her stomach responded in kind. Her hips began to buck; legs tensed. Her head flew back, rocked by overwhelmingly intense sensation. Her hands pounded the bed, sending ripples of motion through her taut body.

She screamed as the climax overtook her, and I drank it in, absorbing every ounce of energy that her orgasmic explosion produced. It was as if I were feeding on her sexual release!

What was going on here? What was I?

As I took in the last of her climax, J passed out on the bed. I rose slowly and stretched, my long limbs, feeling energized. I walked to the bathroom to clean up, deciding to look at my phenomenal body once more in the mirror…

…and I was even more insanely gorgeous than before, as impossible as that seemed. A broad smile crept over my succulent lips. My eyes looked dark, as did my expression.

I didn’t know what had happened to me, but I loved it. This had been the best twenty-four hours of my entire fucking life. I couldn’t wait to see what the next twenty-four would bring…

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