Commissioned by UnluckyShoe

Written by HikerAngel

Susan sat down on the couch next to her boyfriend Mike, the eight-foot amazon’s abs and quads exploding with definition as she lowered her breathtaking nude body to the sofa. As the dramatic curvature of her ass landed on its surface, Mike was launched upward nearly a foot, the cushion on his side of the furniture levered upward by Susan’s five hundred pounds of deliciously sculpted muscle.

“Pass me the Pringles?” she asked him casually after he landed, extending a massive arm, its impressive length sumptuously sculpted with iron-hard ridges of elegantly carved feminine power. Turning his eyes to her divine face, his breath caught. Even after all these months, he still couldn’t get used to her overwhelming beauty, falling under its bewitching spell yet again.

Sighing as she watched her boyfriend mesmerized by her stunningly sexy appearance for the seventh time in the past hour, Susan used her right hand to gather her long raven tresses into a makeshift ponytail and toss them over her broad, sleekly muscled back. She retracted her left arm and snapped her fingers before his eyes, the gesture sending a ripple of motion through her powerful sinew as deeply carved lines of definition erupted over the flawless surface of her perfect flesh.

Mike blinked several times, regaining the ability to think as his eyes meeting her swirling blue irises once again. “Pringles!” he muttered to himself, his mind shifting back to the request she had made before her face had ensorcelled him. “Right!”

The small man trembled as he turned toward the side table, knocking the can of potato chips to the hardwood floor with a hollow clunk in his urgency to deliver what she clearly desired. The initial sound was quickly followed by a crackling swish as the stack of potato chips flowed from one end of the can to the other, shattering inside the can.

“Mike! You broke them! You know I like them better when the chips are fully intact!” Susan whined as her boyfriend scrambled from the couch to his hands and knees to collect the errant tube of junk food.

“I’m so sorry, Susan!” Mike said, his fingers curling tightly about the can of Pringles. He crawled forward, extending his hands before her, bowing his head like a supplicant as he proffered the gift of baked carbs to his goddess.

Susan leaned forward, the sinuous muscles in her trunk-like legs tightening with the movement. Mike watched her round, bulging calves contract, almost feeling the crackling aura of power surrounding her superhuman body as he waited for her to take his humble offering.

A moment later, she did, snatching the can of chips from his quivering hands with a casual sweep of her powerful arm. Giving the tube a brief squeeze, the top popped off, smiling slyly as the sound sent a shiver of sensation down her lover’s prostrated spine.

Mike looked up to see Susan staring pointedly at him as she pushed her large hand into the slender can, the tension in her impossibly strong muscles combining with her intense eyes and thrusting hand to elicit a shudder of rising pleasure from his taut body. Susan’s forearms tightened into a collection of steely cables as they plugged the upper half of the can, her fingers wriggling inside the half empty can as they probed for chips. However, as tears began to form in the upper rim of the flimsy cardboard tube, Susan’s brows furrowed. Not wishing to destroy the packaging of her favorite tasty treat, she quickly withdrew her hand and thrust the can of Pringles forward in the direction of her ogling boyfriend. “My hand’s too big. Would you mind feeding me?”

Mike nodded hesitantly, then scrambled to his feet. Taking the can, he inserted his arm, able to get it deep enough within its depths to find a short stack of potato chips at the very end of his outstretched fingertips. Getting the pad of his index finger on the top chip, he leaned it over, levering it against the opposite side of the can until it was vertical. He managed to wedge it between his index and middle fingers and lift it out of the can.

Looking to his girlfriend for reassurance, she nodded encouragingly, a hungry look in her eyes. Mike swallowed hard, then climbed onto her impossibly firm lap. Her muscles felt like warm marble under his knees, her massive quads deliciously hard and seductively smooth under his shaky legs. His hand trembling nervously, he reached the chip upward toward her perfect lips. She licked their plump flesh in anticipation. Opening her mouth wide, she watched as he inserted the chip. Her long tongue snaked outward to caress the salty chip like an undulating cradle before sucking the crisp, curvy confection into her mouth. Her brilliantly white teeth closed with a definitive snap, and Mike watched in fascination as she chewed the chip into a savory oblivion.

A moment later, she swallowed. As her throat slid upward and downward with the action, her full lips curled into a mischievous smile. She lifted her heels, pressing upward onto her toes to send her boyfriend, still kneeling on her lap, reeling, off-balance, into her voluptuous breasts. His hands instinctively reached outward, landing on the upper slopes of her pillowy flesh. Reaching a powerful arm around him, she pinned his far smaller body against hers, bowing his back. She stood, the floor creaking under the pressure of her large feet. Mike’s body straightened as he remained trapped by Susan’s massive arm behind his back. His feet dangled just below her knees, his small head trapped between the twin swells of her enormous breasts. She could feel his warm breath heating the skin of her chest as she grabbed the back of his collar with a single hand.

Pulling him away from her magnificent chest, holding him three feet above the floor by the scruff of the neck, she batted her eyes coquettishly. “Thanks, Mike.”

“Y-you’re welcome,” he replied in a breathy daze, the scent of her perfumed skin still swirling in his flared nostrils.

“And now for your reward…” she breathed huskily, sending an erotic shiver of anticipation rolling through her lover’s small body.

The curvaceous amazon leaned in to give him a deep, passionate kiss, the tang of salt still present on her lips as they pressed against his. Mike’s hands reached out to roam the cobbled bricks of her incredible abs. Tracing the deep trenches between each muscle, he felt his dangling knees go weak with desire.

After a long moment of passionate snogging, Susan pulled her mouth away from his, a thin band of salva still connecting their huffing lips as they spoke.

“You know what they say, don’t you, Mike?” she said with a twinkle in her gorgeous blue eye, shaking back her midnight tresses.

“What’s that?” asked Mike, his eyes searching her angelic face for any indication as to her meaning.

Her gaze flicked downward to the can of pringles still in her boyfriend’s hand, and the corners of her lips curled upward to give him a dazzling smile.

“Once you pop, you can’t stop…” She winked slyly.

Mike looked down at the pringles and grinned, thrusting his hand into the can to find his lover another chip.

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