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Galatea – Now available on Audible!

Plain, small Audrey has always wished she were more like her roommate—tall, curvaceous, and sexy. Brian can’t help but fantasize similarly about Audrey gaining superhuman abilities. Inadvertently, using quasi-legal technology borrowed from his college professor, Brian makes her dreams come true. When she finds out, will she accept her rapidly progressing superhumanity as a gift or view it as a betrayal of her trust?

Shadowgirl – Available on Gumroad now! (Audible/iTunes soon…)

Stunned, Sam watches as alien overlords defeat earth’s most powerful heroes. When the aliens’ presence causes her body to grow sexier and more powerful than she ever imagined possible, will she choose to help earth or its enemies?

Shadowgirl Sample 1

Bully – Available on Gumroad now! (Audible/iTunes soon…)

Gorgeous Camilla, better known to the rest of the world as Hypergirl, starts attending a new school—one which Violet rules with an iron fist. When Hypergirl puts Violet down on her first day, she thinks that she’s put an end to the bully’s reign. But Camilla couldn’t be farther from the truth. Violet discovers a secret that will make her stronger, faster, and sexier than Hypergirl ever imagined, and the girl is out for revenge. What will happen when this gorgeous supervillain begins to eclipse the world’s most powerful superhero?

Bully Sample 1

Human Clay – Available now!!!

When Jenny finds herself becoming far more gorgeous and far less intelligent, she realizes that her lecherous boss is attempting to make her into his next trophy wife. Will Jenny be able to escape Anthony’s transforming desires? Could she potentially use Anthony’s unintended gift to become… superhuman?

Human Clay Sample 1
Human Clay Sample 2

A Day at the Office

Winner of a 2019 Quill Award on, this urban fantasy noir is the first of many stories that feature my beloved gumshoe character, Mr. Murphy and his superwoman companion Evelyn. This is the tale in which they meet, and it’s one of my personal favorites.

A Day at the Office Sample 1
A Day at the Office Sample 2

The Lake

Five friends discover a mysterious, unknown lake on a hike in the wilderness. When the girls enter its crystal clear waters, they become stronger and more beautiful. But does something sinister lie beneath its rippling surface?

The Lake Sample 1
The Lake Sample 2


Sexy fashion CEO, Laura Kingsford, wants what Synergy, earth’s strongest superhero, has. Can she seduce him and take it for her own?

Synergy Sample 1
Synergy Sample 2

In a Class of Her Own – Part 1

As the strongest, sexiest superpowered girl in school, Lilly takes full advantage of her status. But her world will be rocked when a far more powerful girl, Fiona, arrives…

In a Class of Her Own 1 Sample 1
In a Class of Her Own 1 Sample 2

In a Class of Her Own – Part 2

Lilly meets a boy, Liam, who possesses a secret that Fiona doesn’t want known. Can she discover what the breathtaking blonde is hiding?

In a Class of Her Own 2 Sample 1
In a Class of Her Own 2 Sample 2

In a Class of Her Own – Part 3

Lilly now knows Fiona’s secret, and she concocts a plan to take Fiona’s power for herself. Will it work?

In a Class of Her Own 3 Sample 1
In a Class of Her Own 3 Sample 2

In a Class of Her Own – Part 4

Nothing so far has gone according to Lilly’s plan. But she really didn’t expect this…

In a Class of Her Own 4 Sample 1
In a Class of Her Own 4 Sample 2

Audio stories in production:

In a Class of Her Own 5 (coming to Gumroad in March)

Second Try (coming to Gumroad in March)

Now accepting auditions for:

Ripples in Reality (coming in April)

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