Melissa Models for Marcus

Commissioned by x2103

Written by HikerAngel

Marcus craned his neck to look up at his girlfriend as they walked into the store, marveling yet again at the fact that the breathtaking beauty had asked him out. Melissa was tall, even for a woman, the top of her head measuring nearly twelve feet. Marcus’s arm pulled tight against his ear as he held her hand well above his head. As they crossed the threshold, her staggeringly strong grip tugged him momentarily off his feet. He rotated his ankles, pointing his feet until he could manage to tiptoe like a ballet dancer over the waxed tile floor.

“It’s your lucky day, Marcus,” she said, a mischievous twinkle in her bright, viridian eyes as they came to a stop inside. “I need some clothes for our dinner date tonight, and I’m going to let you choose what I wear.”

Marcus’s breath caught. Was she serious? The thought of deciding what his huge, heavily muscled date would wear sent a shiver of anticipation through him. But the feeling was quickly followed by more than a hint of fear. He knew next to nothing about women’s clothing. What should he choose? He didn’t know her well yet. This was only their second date! Should he pick out something conservative, playing it safe? Or should he give into his desires and ask her to wear something revealing?

Marcus felt his cheeks flush as he snuck a furtive glance at her t-shirt and jeans, both stretched tightly against her massive, powerfully-built frame, as he attempted to gauge what type of clothing she might prefer.

Melissa’s smile grew sly. She twirled a lock of her silky blonde hair about her index finger far above. “I might even let you pick out something for after dinner if I like you enough to bring you home with me.”

Marcus felt his heart rate rise with the bold innuendo. He looked around the store at the countless racks of clothing. Should he go with a dress? He should, right? They were going to a fancy restaurant, after all. Walking tentatively to the rack with the cocktail dresses, he surveyed his options. They ranged from ankle length to mini, their necklines from modest to daring. Swallowing nervously, his date watching from high over his shoulder, he began to select something safely between each extreme, a loose-fitting number with a fully covered bust and knee-length hemline.

“Really?” Melissa laughed, her voice light and teasing. “I’m disappointed. Here I thought you were going to want to see as much of my body as you could, and you go with the grandma option.”

Marcus hesitated, then put the dress back, attempting to play it off as if he had just been giving it a disdainful look. He did want to see as much of her body as he could. Sneaking another glance as she crossed her arms, Marcus found himself licking his lips as he watched her bulging biceps stretch the sleeves of her enormous t-shirt nearly to the point of tearing.

Tugging his eyes away with considerable difficulty, he searched the row of dresses for a sexier option until he found the most daring outfit on the rack. Moving before it and standing on his tiptoes to reach the bottom of the hanger, he lifted it off, then passed the skimpy red dress to Melissa.

“Now that’s more like it,” she teased, giving him a flirtatious wink. “Want to see how it looks on me?”

The thought of her in nothing but that tight, sexy tube dress momentarily robbed Marcus of his powers of speech, so he simply nodded eagerly.

Melissa smirked, tearing the hanger from Marcus’s trembling fingers before spinning on her heels and walking confidently toward the changing rooms at the back of the store. On the way, she spotted some lacy black lingerie and snagged it, draping it over the arm that held the dress before her.

Marcus, following her, was shocked at her other choice in attire. Was that what she intended to wear at her place after dinner. God, he hoped so. On their first date, she had been dressed similarly to how she was now, but he could tell from the way she filled out the conservative clothes that her body had to be absolutely unbelievable. It was too bad he would have to wait until tonight to see it.

The colossal girl disappeared inside the changing stall, and Marcus heard her stripping off her old clothes and putting on the new ones. Sighing, he resigned himself to waiting for their dinner tonight to see the dress. However, much to Marcus’s amazement, the door opened to reveal Melissa wearing a knowing smirk and the sexy red tube dress.

“What do you think?” she asked him, her eyes expectant as she twirled to give a 360-degree view of amazon perfection.

She had put her long hair up in a bun, leaving her huge green eyes, prominent cheekbones, and full lips in clear view. There was no question about it. Even without makeup, Melissa’s flawless complexion and delicate features gave her the most breathtakingly gorgeous face he’d ever seen. But it was her body that truly staggered the unprepared young man.

Her neck was long and thick, cables of muscle flowing into massive, rounded shoulders that had to be three times the size of a basketball. The smoothly sculpted ridges of her steely triceps combined with her monstrously powerful biceps, left Marcus breathless as he imagined her lifting a car with ease. Her arms, fully on display in the sleeveless dress, exploded with definition as she moved in a fluid spin, twisting her mind-bendingly strong physique before him.

Her breasts and ass were absolutely enormous, deliciously firm and sumptuously contoured as their voluptuous swells stretched the thin red fabric into near transparency. The slinky dress hugged her carved, v-shaped lats as they tapered to a miniscule waist before the lines of her body flared into broad, athletic hips, densely packed with lean, feminine sinew.

“Mind tugging the hem down a bit?” Melissa said in an amused tone, startling an open-mouthed Marcus mid-ogle. “It’s a little short.”

Eyes wide, Marcus allowed his worshipful gaze to fall to her meaty upper thighs. Seeing what she meant as he noticed that the skimpy dress barely covered her crotch, he stepped forward, reaching above his head to grip the tight, stretchy material of the dress in his quivering fingers. He began to move his hands downward, pulling the dress over her soft, satiny skin, when she shifted her weight. The subtle movement caused a wave to ripple through the huge, impossibly strong muscles of her thighs. As his hands reached the end of the dress’ elasticity, he released the red material, allowing it to snap against her firm flesh, catching his balance by resting his hands on her chiseled legs.

Her quads still flexing from the shift of her hips, Marcus’ fingers dropped into the deep grooves between the girl’s cable-like muscles. As he brought his hands down, they ran over the deep ravines of impossibly dense flesh. Her legs each had more muscle on them than he had in his entire body. Not only that, but the girl’s legs felt like iron. The visceral evidence of the girl’s immense strength—so far beyond his own—caused Marcus’ heart to flutter with arousal.

Melissa watched her boyfriend’s reaction from high above, giving a lilting laugh. “Maybe I should show you what you could get to taste after dinner—if you play your cards right…”

With that, she reached down to grab the hem of the dress with both hands. She pulled it upward until it slipped over her head, before tossing it back into the nearby changing room.

Marcus’ eyes roamed her uncovered body with awe. Her body, now fully revealed to his hungry eyes save for three small triangles of sheer black lace, was absolutely magnificent. Sleekly rounded bricks of rock-hard muscle lined every inch of her cobbled abdomen, even the tiniest core muscles etched into taut relief along her perfect physique. As she pulled off the dress and threw it aside, the girl’s powerful frame exploded in a symphony of clenching and relaxing sinew. 

Marcus gaped. His date was breathtakingly sexy, her body like some sort of living monument to feminine might. His knees went weak, and he fell to his ass, still staring upward, unable to tear his gaze from his girlfriend’s stunning body.

She smiled knowingly. “Marcus likey?”

He nodded, unable to speak.

“Thought so,” she laughed. “Then I wonder what you’ll think of this!” She flexed every muscle in her body at once.

The largest, most beautifully sculpted physique he’d ever seen exploded outward, surging with strength beyond anything Jim ever thought he would witness. Every already-huge muscle in her body seemed to double in size. The deeply carved muscles somehow became even more defined. The raw power in those things had to be incredible! Superhuman might seemed to radiate from her spectacular form as her muscles quivered with enough strength to lift the building they were in. 

Marcus felt his pants draw tight with arousal, a dribble of drool escaping his lips as his eyes roamed his girlfriend’s inhumanly powerful body.

Melissa’s eyes danced with amusement as she watched her boyfriend’s awed expression. She spun on her heel to disappear into the changing room once again. Her chuckling voice called out from the stall. “No more peeking, Marcus. We have to go to dinner first. After that, we’ll see about your dessert.”

Marcus continued to stare at the changing room door in disbelief for a moment before a broad smile formed over his lips. Never in his life had he looked forward more to a dinner—and especially to his dessert. He absolutely could not wait!

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