Superstarter Alternate Ending

The alternate ending to Superstarter has been submitted to Superwomenmania. Thanks to a certain someone for making it so much better. 😉

Here’s a preview for those who are checking my blog here… 🙂

Hannah felt the voters’ vision for her–a dark goddess destined to rule–and gave Serena a dark smile. She could feel the snaking conduit of gold-silver energy leaving Serena to empower her sufficiently to throw off the Director’s control. Knowing that this power would be coming to her, she decided first to use the Director’s power, which, combined with her own, prevented Serena from reading her mind to aid her in the coming fight. The Director would help her defeat Serena, while the voters worked to empower her sufficiently to deal with the evil mastermind second.

Hannah watched Serena’s eyes widen in panic as the flow of energy began to enervate the beautiful brunette. She used Serena’s momentary distraction to leap forward and unleash a devastating hook to Serena’s jaw. The shockwave of the impact alone was enough to shatter the indestructible glass windows of the conference room.

Serena’s body was propelled through half the walls of the entire compound before coming to a stop hundreds of meters away.

Hannah, watching Serena’s body fly away, through wall after wall, felt the burst of pain from the other girl echo in her mind from the link she still had with Dark Justice. A lump formed in Hannah’s throat as horror at what she was doing rose within her. She could still feel the hatred pouring in from the Director as well, but her childhood dreams of being a champion of the Fairness Team–the champion of the Fairness Team–were rebelling at her actions. There was still a part of her that was determined to do the right thing. It fought the influence of the Director, the dark desires of the voters, and gained a surge of strength within her from the image of Serena’s terrified eyes rocketing away from her. That image–resulting from the powerful blow that she had dealt the honorable heroine–was burned into her memory, traumatizing her better nature.

Who had she become? Was this really who she wanted to be? Her inner nature warred with the Director’s influence, canceling it out for a brief moment of clarity within Hannah’s mind. She looked deep within herself and tapped into her deepest desire, which swirled together in an intermingled whole with the dark desire of the voters.

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