The Monolith – Ending 3

“I… I can’t!” cried Zach. “You’re not a goddess. You don’t deserve to be worshipped. You’re cold and cruel and… this isn’t right! You’re just… April!”

April frowned as her body quivered in orgasmic pleasure. As she panted in ecstasy, feeling impossible levels of power surge within her already perfect body, she pierced him with a hyper-intelligent gaze. His answer was disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. He was too small-minded to see what should be obvious to anyone by now.

As her climactic quake subsided, April rose to her feet, lording over her tiny boyfriend.

“As expected,” April said dispassionately, still breathless in the aftermath of her still-fading climax. “When given the chance for redemption—for forgiveness—you spurn it.”

Then, her voice changed, growing acidic, her eyes flashing with arrogant cruelty. “Instead, you choose extermination.”

With that, she reached down, seizing his head in one hand and his legs in the other. Zach issued a muffled cry, squirming and struggling inside her meaty palms. But it was useless. He was little more than an insect to her now.

April squeezed his head with her insanely strong fingers. Zach could feel his vision fading, his pulse pounding with increasing urgency as agony built within his skull.

Meanwhile, April’s right hand gripped his left hip painfully tight, her fingers crushing his bones, grinding them together inside his bruising flesh. Then, her fingers suddenly clenched together, crushing his head, splashing gray matter and blood over her massive breasts. At the same time, she flicked her wrist, tugging inward so quickly that the motion tore his small body in half. Sighing with satisfaction, she took each half of his hemisected body and folded them meticulously over each other twice. Then, she compressed it into a spherical shape, packing it like a snowball, a small river of blood falling to pool on the ground below.

Giving the compacted mass of crushed flesh and shattered bone one last look, she leaned back and threw Zach’s remains into the sky. Instinctively, her mind instantly calculating the trajectory and speed with which she had launched it, she knew that the fleshy ball would land precisely where she intended. The same place she had sent his compacted car moments before—the center of Oxbow Lake. 

“There, Zach. You always did love that car. As much as you loved anything, anyway. More than you loved me. I think it’s fitting that the two of you can be together forever now.” April said, her voice completely devoid of emotion.

April wiped Zach’s brain matter and blood from her magnificent body with eerily steady fingers and smiled warmly. It was better that his life ended this way, she thought. Better to have put him out of his misery. He had become a nuisance, a piece of garbage to be disposed of. Her stupid little boyfriend had been exactly what her ex had once called her…


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