The Monolith – Ending 2

April frowned as her body quivered in orgasmic pleasure, seeing Zach’s thoughts materialize in her mind.

“I loved you, April, but I could never love what you’ve become. I could never worship you.” His answer was disappointing, but not unexpected.

As her climactic quake subsided, April’s body slowly began a slow descent toward her injured boyfriend’s prone form.

“So predictable, yet somehow still disappointing,” April said dispassionately, still breathless in the aftermath of her recent climax. “You could have been forgiven for your infidelity. You could have lived as a king, a goddess at your side.”

Then, her voice changed, becoming acidic and cruel. “But there can never be room in my heart for a traitor.

With that, she slammed her hips into his face. Zach issued a muffled cry of anguish, squirming and struggling beneath her steely form as it continued its inexorable descent, loading untold pounds of muscle onto him. His hands clutched at the outside of her upper thighs, but it was useless. Her massive body was like polished marble, flawless and utterly unyielding.

After a long, agonizing moment, a loud crack echoed across the yard as Zach’s skull succumbed to the incredible weight of her rock hard-body. The first crack was quickly followed by many more as every bone in his body shattered under the massive goddess.

April’s gaze grew distant as she allowed her full weight to rest on the destroyed body of her former lover. Feeling his broken bones and destroyed flesh squish beneath her, she sneered. Only one word came to mind as she remembered her time with Zach. His life had ended as it should. After all, he had proven himself to be completely and utterly…


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