The Monolith – Ending 1

“YES!!!” April screamed, sending tremors through the neighborhood with her cry. She had read Zach’s simple mind and even as she’d climaxed. With a single word, she both acknowledged his efforts and echoed his answer.

She continued to pant as her body bucked in rapture, rolling off him to the side to crush the front wall of the house inward as she came down from her Zach-induced high.

“I will forgive your infidelity,” she said haughtily after catching her breath. “And you will show your gratitude by forfeiting your free will to me. You’ll be mine for the remainder of your days.”

April smiled cruelly, her eyes gazing into the heavens as she lay on her back, her huge chest heaving from her recent climax, one side of her body pressing against Zach’s mangled house. This was only the beginning. She would conquer the world, forcing all to bow to her will, just as Zach had.

After all, she thought, turning to look at the pathetic man of whom she had used to think so highly, he and the rest of humanity was completely and utterly…


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