Voice Acting Notes

I put together some voice acting character notes for Control‘s voice actor. They don’t really give any more away than the Amazon summary blurb, so I figured I’d post them here. Some of you might be as interested as I am in how this narration process for Audible and iTunes goes… Control – Character NotesContinue reading “Voice Acting Notes”

Bandit Art

slosh-clack shake spray paint mists back streethissing splashes vibrant palettefervent frenzy sizzles concrete all are equal, this ain’t wall streetrace non-issue, nameless talentslosh-clack shake spray paint mists back street bouncing bobbing to that dope beatmouthing drake, her tongue a malletfervent frenzy sizzles concrete powered people call her deadbeatfuck the blowhards on the ballotslosh-clack shake sprayContinue reading “Bandit Art”

The Minimal Effort Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon

I wrote a guide to self-publishing both print and eBooks on Amazon Kindle in seven easy steps. Much of this information can be found elsewhere, but after struggling through it, I decided to make my own super-simple guide with all of the instructions in one place. I hope it’s useful to some nascent authors lookingContinue reading “The Minimal Effort Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon”

Use of Time

When I’m not with friends, working out, outside, doing classwork, sleeping, or working, I’m writing these days. I suppose that’s where I feel my time is best spent. At lunch, while I eat? I write. Between work and class? I write. When I can’t sleep? I write. While I’m running? I think about what I’mContinue reading “Use of Time”