Sci-Fi Runner Up!

I was one of two runners up in the January “Science Fiction Short Story Contest“, my first foray into a new genre. So near and yet so far… there’s always this month’s entry… 🙂   STATIC The Human Element  (18+)A brief spy story for January’s Science Fiction contest…#2211551 by HikerAngel (32) 

Picture a Story Book Jacket Contest Entry :)

THE BIRDS 2: BIRDIER Ever seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? Ever wondered about that ambiguous, unsatisfying ending? Me too. I encourage you to check out my unauthorized sequel, More Birds, Fewer People before it is blocked from future printings by Universal Pictures for blatant copyright violations. Finally, 57 years after the movie hit theaters worldwide, you will learn the motivationContinue reading “Picture a Story Book Jacket Contest Entry :)”

Quill Award Nominations

Holy Quill! I somehow garnered several “2019 Quill Nominations“, which I am told is like’s version of the Oscars. While it is extremely unlikely that I will win any, it feels great to be nominated. Thank you so much, mysterious benefactor(s) for nominating me! 🙂 (I know who nominated two of these, but notContinue reading “Quill Award Nominations”