Decided to make…

…another story that I’m working on an interactive story thread as well. Here’s the start of it. 🙂 Wings of Fortune Note: If it comes up with an error page, just keep hitting refresh until it displays. This will happen less often if you start a free account on

Interactive Stories

I have three interactive stories going on! I’d love it if some of you jump in… only if you want to of course. I’ve taken a few storylines from these and posted them here, but there are plenty more… 😉

30k Chapter Views on Supernatural Beauty and a New BB Chapter

I noticed today that Supernatural Beauty had passed the 30,000 view mark! I really need to get back to The Spartan. I actually have a plan for that story! 😉 In the mean time, I did add a new chapter to The Martian’s storyline in: The Burgeoning Book Have a great weekend!