Today, the blogging challenge topic is wisdom, something with which I have absolutely no experience whatsoever. I’ve been struggling with what to write–a rare situation. Words usually come fairly easily to me, even if they don’t go together particularly well. To me, wisdom means good judgment through experience. Of the latter, I have some. OfContinue reading “Wisdom?”

Climbing Fiction

I’ve had several people make inquiries about my rock climbing after yesterday’s post. There’s quite a bit of curiosity about my clandestine activity of choice. I have a suspicion that people would like me to post more about it. Rock climbing is poised for a boost of visibility in the public eye this summer whenContinue reading “Climbing Fiction”

When I grow up…

When I was really young, I wanted to dance. As I grew up a bit, I wanted to be a musician. For a while, in college, I wanted to be a politician. Then I got into rock climbing. My secret dream career hasn’t changed since. If I could be paid for doing anything I wantedContinue reading “When I grow up…”

Climbing Poetry

Frigid fingers clench and crimppainful pressure of granite flake,rubber soles smear rigid ripplestethers to the horizontal slashed. Whistle of wind.Thump of heart. Lifting off with taloned wings,rising into azure sky,silence broken onlyby staccato feathered cries,frosty mist of puffing breath. Whistle of wind.Thump of heart. Graceful movements,vertical ballet,lost in ethereal pleasureof peaceful ascent. Whistle of wind.ThumpContinue reading “Climbing Poetry”