Blackened Butterflies

Ripped from the skyby wild sulfurous tongues,acrid embers flash.Seething hissing snapsinhale vaporized, smoke-charred wings.Trailing pulverized billows,corpuscular detritus of summer’s languid bobbingdevoured by black-toothed beatific grins.Gasping wheezes of violet twilightsalute the corpse of forest freedomsstolen by the screaming contagionof our interminable coming night. 12 lines of free verse Newsletter Mentions

In this week’s newsletters, I had two mentions: Utopia is Boring made the Science Fiction/Fantasy newsletter Phoenix made the For Authors newsletter More importantly, however, I discovered that this is Poetry Month. Yay!!! Get ready for some poetry this month, guys… been meaning to write a sexy poem, something I’ve never tried. Maybe thisContinue reading “ Newsletter Mentions”

Bandit Art

slosh-clack shake spray paint mists back streethissing splashes vibrant palettefervent frenzy sizzles concrete all are equal, this ain’t wall streetrace non-issue, nameless talentslosh-clack shake spray paint mists back street bouncing bobbing to that dope beatmouthing drake, her tongue a malletfervent frenzy sizzles concrete powered people call her deadbeatfuck the blowhards on the ballotslosh-clack shake sprayContinue reading “Bandit Art”

Unknowable Like Pi

Cotton candy wafting through sticky nostrils,elephant ears scalding youthful throats.Bucket seats rise, legs swinging careless and free,time marches, its passenger a tightening throat.Peak ever approaching but forever distantuntil rusted support erased from sight. Gone. Stomach-floating fall, first warning tardy,Mr. Ferris and his giant wheel grind on,rolling inexorably clockwise to unlit, mazed depths.Direction, distance? Compass-spinningly unknowableContinue reading “Unknowable Like Pi”