Blackened Butterflies

Ripped from the skyby wild sulfurous tongues,acrid embers flash.Seething hissing snapsinhale vaporized, smoke-charred wings.Trailing pulverized billows,corpuscular detritus of summer’s languid bobbingdevoured by black-toothed beatific grins.Gasping wheezes of violet twilightsalute the corpse of forest freedomsstolen by the screaming contagionof our interminable coming night. 12 lines of free verse


I have a new novella (about 30% longer than The Lake by word count) based on a wonderful idea from a patron, Bolt521 who commissioned the story. It will be published on Amazon soon. Here’s the summary blurb: When four high school seniors stumble across abandoned military nanotechnology, they will discover new abilities beyond theirContinue reading “Control”