Use of Time

When I’m not with friends, working out, outside, doing classwork, sleeping, or working, I’m writing these days. I suppose that’s where I feel my time is best spent. At lunch, while I eat? I write. Between work and class? I write. When I can’t sleep? I write. While I’m running? I think about what I’mContinue reading “Use of Time”

When I grow up…

When I was really young, I wanted to dance. As I grew up a bit, I wanted to be a musician. For a while, in college, I wanted to be a politician. Then I got into rock climbing. My secret dream career hasn’t changed since. If I could be paid for doing anything I wantedContinue reading “When I grow up…”

Birthed with a Brainstorm

Lists. Today’s 30-day blogging challenge topic. Sigh. They aren’t my favorite thing, beckoning silently for attention, showing me everything that I need to accomplish. I can’t imagine life without them, however, as much as I might like to. For me, at least, lists are a necessity for organizing thinking on a larger project. They mayContinue reading “Birthed with a Brainstorm”

30 Day Blogging Challenge and Leap Year Tidbit

I’m starting the “30-Day Blogging Challenge” today with an interesting tidbit about leap years. Normally, leap years occur on any year that is evenly divisible by four—2020, for example. There is, however, an exception to this rule. The year 2100 is also evenly divisible by four, but it will not be a leap year. TheContinue reading “30 Day Blogging Challenge and Leap Year Tidbit”