Scroll of Destiny – Coming soon…

Here’s the summary blurb for Amazon: What if a scroll could fulfill your greatest fantasies? Money, fame, fortune, health… anything your heart desires! Vaughn’s heart desires his coworker, Destiny. And his secret fantasies revolve around Destiny becoming stronger, smarter, and sexier than she ever dreamed possible. As his relationship with Destiny deepens, Vaughn longs toContinue reading “Scroll of Destiny – Coming soon…”

Clothes Make the Woman

Working on a sexy segment of this story. I’m hoping to do another part later today and get it posted on DeviantArt if you don’t want to go through the refreshing clicking on the interactives. By tomorrow, I’ll definitely have a full chapter (two interactive segments, usually) of this posted there. Clothes Make theContinue reading “Clothes Make the Woman”