I get a lot of similar questions from the people who message me. I thought that I would share some things about myself for the silent majority as well.

Question: Why/how do you write so much?

Answer: Everyone keeps asking me if I’ll burn out from writing so much, but I can’t help it. I love it! Once I started, words just don’t seem to stop flooding out of me! It’s a little crazy that I wrote my first word of fiction in October 2019.

Question: Do you listen to music when you write?

Answer: Usually. And I’ve noticed a pattern. When I write scary, I like classical music, especially Haydn, Vivaldi, and Mozart. When I write sexy, I like Billie Eilish or SHAED. Totally gets me in the mood. When I write super, I like Halsey or Hey Violet. When I write poetry, I don’t need music. It‘s my favorite to write. It just sort of happens.

What People Say About My Writing

Review of For the People

I really enjoyed the way you used the wreck of a vehicle to talk about the way society as a group seems to be failing. It’s a bit like the world needs an overhaul along with the car. Both are going to need a lot of care and attention if they are ever going to work smoothly again.

You are a true poet, HA.

Hullabaloo22 on

Review of Three’s a Crowd

Thanks for posting this very nice little tale! You did a great job subtly showing the protagonist’s deep weirdness. Loved the repetition of “I have a condition,” as well as the classic horror feint of a creepy guy who turns out not to be the creepiest character in the story. The ending was twisty and unexpected. Well done!–S.

SugarGlider58 on

Review of Cry Wolf!


I thought this was great, HA! I love how you used that prompt, and to be honest, I honestly thought that Mark was going to turn into a werewolf and eat Paul just for his ignorance!

Boy, was I wrong! You took me down a whole different trail and ended it with an extremely unique twist!

Bravo, my friend! The dialogue was excellent, the spelling and grammar superb (you have such an extensive vocabulary!), and the action was rolling practically from the start to the end!

And using Mark’s catch phrase was the perfect way to end this!

Angus on

2019 Quill Award Winner

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