Steamy Scene

High above the city, flying home from his latest act of heroics, Superman hears a cry for help in the city below. Head cocking, he zooms toward the source of the sound—the penthouse suite of a high-rise apartment building.

Landing on the balcony outside, he stalks toward the french doors and flings them both open with a shove. Inside, he sees a gorgeous woman—easily beautiful enough to be an actress or model—lounging in a racy white cover-up on her bed.

Eyes narrowing in confusion, Superman glances around the rest of the room, even going so far as to use his X-ray vision but can find no sign of trouble. Turning his gaze back to the woman, he slowly approaches her.

“Are you alright, miss?”

“I’m amazing, actually. And soon to be far more…” With that, the mysterious beauty pulls a silver gun-like device from the sheets and fires it at Superman.

There is no visible effect, and Superman, momentarily surprised by the suddenness of her action, adopts an amused expression.

“Was that supposed to do something? Even Luthor’s crazy schemes do something at first, even if I always get the best of him in the end,” he laughs in a cocky tone.

As he speaks, however, he notices a white glow surrounding the woman, highlighting her profile as if she were an angel…

…and he quickly realizes that’s not the only way in which she looks angelic. Superman swallows hard as her face, already stunning, begins to swell into divine territory.

Rising languidly from the bed, the woman touches the balls of her dainty feet to the floor next to the bed, her toned, tanned legs slipping from under the sheer fabric of the cover-up that continues to obscure the rest of her body. The fabric rises slowly up smooth acres of flesh as her legs seem to lengthen before Superman’s widening eyes.

The woman’s crystal blue eyes find Superman’s dilating pupils as a dark smile forms on her rapidly plumping lips. She rises to her feet and saunters slowly toward him, rounded hips undulating hypnotically with the movement. Each crossing step more graceful than the last, her long fingers nimbly work at the tie of the cover-up as she approaches the rigidly rapt man of steel.

The sinuous muscles of her legs contracting and flexing as she strolls his way, she finally finishes untying the sash, shrugging off the lacy fabric. As it hits the ground with a soft thump, Superman’s breath catches. The woman is wearing a minuscule white thong and matching lace bra. But it’s not her clothing that has Superman’s heartbeat quickening, it’s the body it is attempting to contain.

Perfect abs, sculpting themselves with deepening definition by the second, lead to breathtaking breasts that seem to be straining the cups of her bra as they expand. Toned but willowy arms and rounded shoulders speak of an astonishing level of fitness that becomes more astonishing with every step. As Superman watches with shallow breaths, striated etches of muscle pop into them, making her modelesque physique begin to take on some of the characteristics that only the most dedicated of crossfitters and superhumans like himself could achieve.

Seeming well aware of just how spellbound her rapidly improving body has made Superman, she smirks in satisfaction. Arriving within touching distance, she stops just short of it, dynamic breasts just millimeters from the man of steel’s heavily muscled torso. Tingles of electricity seem to pass between her barely contained spheres and the shelflike mass of muscle that is Superman’s powerful chest. Her bra creaks with the strain that her fleshy orbs are placing on the whining metal hooks that hover along her firm back.

Feeling her soft, warm breath tingle his lips and cheeks, Superman feels a surge of aching need for the woman before him. It’s a feeling of desire beyond anything he’s ever felt before, even for Lois. Suddenly, he realizes with flushing cheeks that his tight, form-fitting pants are bulging outward and upward with quicky burgeoning evidence of his intense arousal.

“Who are you?” he breathes, voice sounding slightly awed. This wasn’t right. It was the women that were supposed to be in awe of him! He was accustomed to being on the receiving end of fawning females. Living the other side of the experience is completely new to him.

“I’m your ultimate fantasy…” she breathes, a dark glimmer in her eye, extending the back of her hand to stroke his jawline sensually with her artfully manicured fingernails.

A wave of weakness washed through Superman’s body at the woman’s tantalizingly erotic touch.

“…And your worst nightmare…” she continues, lips moving in toward Superman’s ear, their heat driving Superman’s supersenses crazy as they trailed along the sensitive skin of his chiseled cheeks without quite touching. Her words sent a jag of fear through him, but he couldn’t seem to move at the moment, her suggestive display holding him paralyzed with simmering anticipation.

“…all in one impossibly…” she speaks in a near-whisper, her tone dropping into a husky purr. She kisses his ear lightly, sending a thrill into Superman’s thudding heart.

“…sexy…” she breathes, nibbling his earlobe to fire sparks of neon color into Superman’s desirous vision.

“…package,” she finishes, running her lips along the quivering flesh of his face before plunging her lips hungrily into his.

Superman’s knees wobble as her soft lips envelope his own. What is wrong with him?

Involuntarily, however, he reaches for her, wrapping her in a superhumanly powerful embrace, millennia of masculine instinct proving stronger than his desire-addled brain and rapidly diminishing willpower. Strangely, however, she feels much stronger than most human women, and her succulent form seems to be growing harder by the second within the satiny skin that lay beneath the soft touch of his powerful fingers.

Superman felt a shudder ripple through him as the clasp of her bra gave way to inhumanly firm flesh. Snapping the shoulder straps with a shrug, the lacy lingerie falls away. She surges into him, crushing her nubile breasts into his iron chest. The sensation is mind-blowing; tsunamis of pleasure crash into him with the overwhelming touch of her exquisite body to his.

As her mouth nips its way down his thick neck, his member presses into her rising hips, her legs continuing to grow. Raging heat passes between their burning bodies, causing beads of sweat to gather on Superman’s creased brow. A faint moan slips from Superman’s open mouth, surprising him. Alarmed, never having lost control of himself like this before, he fights against the unfamiliar haze of lascivious hunger, attempting to pull away.

Arching an eyebrow, the woman’s scarlet lips, moist from kissing, twist into a frown. “Trying to escape, Superman? It won’t work. Every second that passes fills me with your power.”

Superman’s eyes went wide. What? What did that mean? Had the weapon she held worked after all? He hadn’t detected anything… what had it done?

He began to shove her away, but she was becoming so much stronger so quickly. He felt her hands slither up his back, fingernails clawing inward in an attempt to clutch him into her. At first, his efforts were creating increasing space between them, but before he could pull away entirely, he felt her hands pull more forcefully against him. Her clawlike nails tear into the invulnerable fabric of his uniform, beginning to dig painfully into his flesh—their strength already as powerful as even the most mighty of the supervillains he’d battled.

“I may have forgotten to mention that the device I used magnifies your power as it feeds into me. I’ll be far more powerful than you ever were in moments, Superman…” she laughs, mesmerizing eyes shining as she begins to slowly overpower the world’s most powerful superhero.

“No!” gasps Superman as he feels her arms pulling him inexorably toward her, his struggles becoming less and less effective.

As her breasts push into his chest this time, he could feel his dense musculature give way to her hardening, curvaceous form. He imagines that it feels like a human pushing up against warm marble, hard but at the same time deliciously forgiving. As her arms begin to crush his inferior muscles with her impossibly strong hug, her hardening nipples, punching into him, slip a sliver of pain into the incredible pleasure that emanates from her provocative body.

Superman considers for a moment. Why is he struggling? This is something he had fantasized about for years! A woman more powerful than him, a gorgeous lover who could make him feel how Lois had always felt with him. Reveling in the power of this woman’s overwhelming presence, Superman feels his willpower collapse, like a fortress wall crumbling to the ground, crushed by the weight of a vastly superior foe.

Abandoning his resistance entirely, Superman gives in to his darkest fantasies, wild delight billowing through his suddenly clear mind him as the woman he craves sinks her fingers into his still-superhuman muscle. His moans become louder and more urgent as they explore each other’s bodies with fingers and tongues, unhindered by any further reluctance on his part.

“I want you so badly…” he breathed to his fantasy woman as her ambrosial scent and mouthwateringly sleek body snaked against his with terrible and still-ascending force. He could tell now that he stood no chance against her, even if he wanted to resist… which he most emphatically didn’t.

With a delighted, melodic laugh, she shoots him a haughty, superior look and flings him easily to the bed. He bounces once and knocks his head against the headboard. It hurt! How is that possible? Are his powers now that diminished?

Rising into the air, she floats toward him. Rubbing his bruised head, swept up in a carnal mist, he swallows hard as her impossibly perfect body casts a looming shadow over him. Lust rages inside his body, so strong that it overpowers him as easily as she now could. He had to have this woman, to feel his superhuman anatomy thrusting into this far superior being… this goddess.

Her thinning, threadbare panties snap from the riveting expansion of her overdeveloped hips and divine ass as she dives atop him, using her diamond-hard fingernails to shred the impenetrable blue costume from his body and reveal the ripped ridges of masculine power beneath. Hands clenching her carved arms, unable to budge them a fraction of an inch, Superman cries out with need. His manic eyes search hers, hands moving from her earth-shakingly powerful arms to roam the flawless bare skin of the magnificent female form above him. Body quivering with emotions he has never known, he tastes her flesh with his frantic, trembling lips and darting, slithering tongue. Achingly urgent desire slams through his body as her fingers twine themselves between his. They clasp his hands and force them down to the soft sheets as easily as they would a child’s.

He is absolutely helpless against her now, feminine power rippling the air around her, as if bending the very elements of the world to her wishes. A rumbling growl erupts from his clenched teeth as he squirms beneath her, wanting her more than he’s ever wanted anything in his life. Superman heard ringing in his ears as his fluttering heart could scarcely keep up with the shockingly extreme surges of desire that tore through it.

Gazing into her beatific face, he can tell that she is enjoying the moment as much as he is, basking in the sensation of her vastly superior strength and the electric sensation of their heated bodies as they writhed against each other. She is so powerful now—more powerful than any woman—no, more powerful than anyone has ever been!

Tears of overflowing desire well in his eyes as he drinks deep of the boiling ecstasy that only she is capable of inspiring within him. It will not be long now before his torrid thirst is sated, he knows. Trembling, he chokes a victorious scream past the lump of unthinkably strong desire lodged in his throat as she lights the fuse to his impending detonation. She raises her bare hips over his rigid, quivering manhood, her cryptic smile and burning eyes an indication of inconceivable pleasure yet to come.

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