Corruption – Part 2 (Alternate)

Commissioned by Zaiker

Written by HikerAngel with permission from Luchodemeyer

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“I have a confession to make,” said Lizzie, searching her friend’s confused eyes. ”I am the 188th Supergirl.” Seeing her friend’s eyes widen in shock, Lizzie gave Charlotte a reassuring smile, squeezing her hand gently.

Charlotte’s eyes descended Lizzie’s baggy clothes before snapping up to meet Lizzie’s once again. “Would you mind taking off the sweatshirt?” Her voice was quiet but quivered slightly.

Lizzie hesitated, uncertain how her friend would react upon seeing her vastly improved body, then did as her friend asked. As she pulled off the sweatshirt, the bottom of her tank pulled up, revealing her sexy stomach and defined abs, before falling to cover it again. As Lizzie set the bulky garment to the side, she caught Charlotte staring at sumptuous cleavage that she had never before possessed. It stretched the upper portion of her tank top into skin-tightness, the clothing having been sized for a much smaller girl.

Charlotte swallowed hard as her eyes grew glassy. 

“Char?” asked Lizzie, reaching out to clasp her friend’s hand in her own. “You okay?”

Tears began to roll down her cheeks. Charlotte seemed unable to speak but nodded to indicate that she was fine. She hugged Lizzie tightly. When the trembling brunette released the hug, she was able to manage a few halting words. “I’m so happy for you, Lizzie!” Her lips flashed into a quick smile that didn’t reach her eyes before returning to an emotional frown.

“You are?” asked Lizzie, breathing a sigh of relief that her friend’s tears had been ones of joy, not anger and jealousy. “I’m so glad. I was so worried about how you might react. After all, this has always been your dream…”

Upon hearing those words, Charlotte’s tears began to flow once again, and she excused herself, stifling a sob as she ran past her now ex-boyfriend on her way to the restroom. So intent was she to get to privacy that she didn’t even notice the hunger in Mark’s eyes as he stared at Lizzie.


As she slammed the bathroom door inward with her open palm, Charlotte finally allowed her dark emotions free reign, and she began to sob violently. Stalking over to the sinks, she brought her small fist down forcefully onto its porcelain edge, watching her eyes flash with anger in the mirror.

“Lizzie gets to be a Supergirl?” she asked the tear-streaked face that loomed before her. “Lizzie?!”

She slammed her hand angrily to the sink again. “The girl who hates Supergirls and everything that they stand for?”

Her small fist crashed into her reflection—the visage that would never improve into goddesshood as she had always dreamed. The action cracked the glass, leaving her knuckles bloody. “Fuck!!!”

Charlotte thought of Lizzie’s full breasts, toned arms, and taut stomach. Lizzie’s body was already far better than her own, and it was only going to continue improving! Not to mention the awesome powers she would begin to develop. Her friend would soon have everything that Charlotte had always fantasized about. Her lips trembling in jealous rage, Charlotte pinched her own stomach, feeling the slight bit of pudge that seemed to remain there regardless of how hard she worked out.

Lizzie didn’t deserve this gift. She did.

Feeling another surge of bitterness ripple her stomach, Charlotte raised her eyes to the sky, and screamed her question to the universe. “Why…?!!”

A moment later, her body hollow, emptied of its outrage for the time being, she slumped to the bathroom floor and sobbed.


Lizzie, having donned her baggy sweatshirt once again, took her usual seat next to Mark in second-period history class. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed him staring at her. She turned to face him.

“Yes?” she said icily, remembering how he had just broken up with her best friend less than an hour previously.

Mark seemed startled, but his eyes never left hers. They looked slightly wild, almost manic. “I, um, felt your body when I ran into you earlier,” he began, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. Then, he paused, seeming to gather himself to ask her something.

“Lizzie, I heard you talking to Charlotte.” His eyes shone with a strange intensity. “You’re a Supergirl, aren’t you?”

Lizzie’s stomach dropped. Shit! How could she have been so stupid as to say tell Charlotte that in public for anyone to hear? The last person she needed to know that was Mark!

Mark, seeing the conflict written all over her face, continued, stumbling over his words in his haste to get them out. “You know I’ve always dreamed of being with a Supergirl, and then I find out that you’re one, and, well…” He took a deep breath. “I wanted to know if you would go out with me.”

Stunned, Lizzie’s eyes widened, the corners of her fuller lips turning downward into a frown. Was he really doing this? Now? Just after breaking up with Charlotte?

Seeing her less-than-positive reaction, Mark panicked, grabbing her by the arm. “Please, Lizzie! Please! You have to go out with me. You have no idea how much I’ve always wanted this, how much I’ve fantasized about it!”

Was he actually begging to go out with her? He was so earnest, so desperate that Lizzie was almost tempted for a moment. The thought of having her first boyfriend did have its appeal. Then she remembered again how he had just broken up with her friend, and a surge of anger seared through her body, quickly incinerating the fleeting notion of making him her new boyfriend.

“Mark, what kind of idiot are you?” Lizzie said flatly, her tone scolding.

Mark seemed surprised at her question. “What are you talking about?”

“You just broke up with Charlotte like ten minutes ago and now you’re asking out her best friend?” Lizzie’s voice rose in anger. “Did you seriously think I would say yes? What kind of friend do you think I am?”

Looking as if he had just been slapped, Mark’s voice began to shake. “Lizzie! No! I… I…”

Lizzie rose from her seat, gave Mark one final glare, and stormed out of the classroom, leaving Mark horrified that he had blown his opportunity this badly. His shoulders slumped, and he lowered his forehead to the surface of the desk, closing his eyes to let the harsh pain of complete and utter rejection wash over him.

As his stomach twisted and heart pounded in despair, he vowed to try again. Maybe after some time had passed, Lizzie would reconsider. It was stupid of him to proposition her so soon after breaking up with Charlotte. He would wait, and then he would try again.

The thought gave him hope, and he brought his head up from the desk, casting a yearning glance toward the doorway through which Lizzie had disappeared.


“Oh. My. God,” Charlotte’s voice was awed as Lizzie stripped out her baggy clothes in front of her and finally straightened her back. She attempted to smile, but she couldn’t. It was all she could do not to scream at her friend in a jealous rage. 

As Charlotte looked at the girl, she knew instantly that Lizzie, once a plain-looking girl, was now, undeniably, the hottest girl in school. Her eyes explored Lizzie’s flawless face. Her skin didn’t have a single blemish. Its bone structure seemed to be composing itself into something more achingly gorgeous by the day. She already looked like a particularly attractive model. In another week, she would probably look like a supermodel. Maybe better. By the time her next treatment rolled around next month, she would undoubtedly be more beautiful than any non-Supergirl on the planet.

Charlotte’s eyes traveled to her friend’s voluptuous breasts. “What are those things now? C-cups?”

Lizzie giggled excitedly. “D’s actually! But they’re growing so fast and getting so firm that I was thinking about going without bras—at least until they stop growing. It’s not like I really need the support anymore…”

Charlotte’s frown deepened as she fought back another surge of jealousy, her gaze continuing downward along her friend’s sculpted midsection. The girl’s stomach was unbelievable, each muscle etched into her taut tummy to the point where she could probably pass as a fitness model or a fashion model. It just wasn’t fair!

Yet the young brunette couldn’t look away. Her friend’s body was just that riveting.

Lizzie’s hips and ass were athletically muscled but at the same time smooth and feminine. Charlotte felt her mouth twitch as she finished her examination of her friend’s ever-more-spectacular body. Lizzie’s legs had grown so much longer. And become so shapely! Each muscle flowed sinuously into the next, giving them the appearance of a ballet dancer’s—both sexy and strong.

Finally, Charlotte turned away, her eyes trembling in fury. Lizzie had taken this from her. It was Charlotte who had always longed for the gifts that becoming a Supergirl would bring. Lizzie had dismissed the idea out of hand. She hadn’t even wanted to become a Supergirl, disparaging humanity’s queens at every opportunity—why had she gotten it!

“I was wrong, Charlotte. You were right. Becoming a Supergirl is pretty awesome. I mean, not only is my body getting seriously amazing and crazy strong, but the feeling of getting up every morning to look in the mirror and seeing how much better my body has become is totally unbelievable!”

Lizzie inadvertently plunged the knife deeper into Charlotte’s psyche as she continued to admire her improving figure in the mirror.

“I never thought I’d say this, but Marjorie was right. Every moment of my life is like a dream come true. Better even!”

Charlotte’s nostrils flared as she attempted to control her breathing.

“And check this out!” Laughing, Lizzie ran over to her dresser, placed a hand on either side of the heavy wooden furniture and lifted it up without the slightest hint of effort. “I’ve got to be as strong as two or three football players now! Isn’t it great!”

Charlotte flinched at her friend’s casual display of strength, but Lizzie didn’t seem to notice, instead continuing to gush about how much she loved her transformation.

“And oh my God, Char, the sensations that my body is producing…” Her beautiful eyes turned sly. “I feel so turned on these days. It’s like my hormones are running wild! Every part of me feels electrified. All the time. It’s totally wicked!”

Charlotte’s eyes narrowed and began to tremble, her fists clenching tightly at her sides.

Lizzie twirled about the room, running her hands over her luscious body. “Did you ever think I’d look this good? I’m like a total bombshell now! I catch every guy checking me out in class! Especially M—”

She caught herself, her brilliant smile faltering momentarily. “—um… Martin. Yes. Martin.”

Her smile reformed, and Lizzie walked up to her friend, resting her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “I’m so glad you’re happy for me. You have no idea what a relief it is to know that you’re just as excited as I am. I was so worried that you’d be jealous, but knowing you’re supporting me has me starting to welcome these changes, not dreading them. Thanks, bestie!”

Charlotte continued to face away from her friend, inwardly seething. “Yeah. It’s so great,” she said flatly. Her fingers tightened to the point that her knuckles went white, her fingernails digging into the flesh of her palms painfully. She welcomed this pain, however. It was so much easier to handle than the pain of seeing her friend ascend while she was left behind.

Charlotte went home, her mind still whirling angrily around the unfairness of the situation. She went straight to the kitchen and grabbed the tub of ice cream she’d been working on all week, scooping a heaping bowlful this time. Since she had discovered Lizzie’s secret, she had stopped working out, stopped worrying about what she ate. She’d already put on a couple of pounds, and, unlike the pounds that Lizzie was putting on, hers were in all the wrong places. She didn’t care, however. It wasn’t like she could compete with her friend in the looks department anymore no matter what she did.


The next day, Lizzie walked into the locker room before gym class with a confidence she’d never before felt. She slipped off her conservative clothing in favor of tight workout pants and a sports bra. She had never worn so little in the class before before, but she definitely had the body for it now. Besides, those girls from the cheer team that were always showing off their bodies could use a little humility. She was certain she had them all outclassed at this point.

As she closed her locker and walked toward the entrance to the basketball court, Daphne, the captain of the school’s cheer team, approached her, the girl’s eyes appraising her athletic figure.

“You’re looking super fit, there, Lizzie. I never knew you were such a gym rat.”

Cautious, having been the object of this girl’s ridicule on more than one occasion, Lizzie flashed the pretty girl a quick smile as she passed by. “I don’t really work out that much, actually. Just having a bit of a growth spurt.”

“Well, it suits you,” Daphne said, giving the girl’s chiseled abs a questioning look, as if she didn’t believe that bit about Lizzie not working out. “You look totally amazing!”

Daphne turned, hustling to catch up to Lizzie as she exited the locker room. “I don’t know if you know, but Charlotte quit the team, and I was wondering if you might want to take her place?”

Lizzie stopped, blinking twice as she processed that information. Charlotte had quit the cheer team? It was strange that she hadn’t mentioned that. She had always loved the adulation that came with being a cheerleader.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m kind of dealing with a lot of things right now, and I really don’t have the time,” Lizzie politely declined.

Daphne looked disappointed but nodded her acceptance. Lizzie left her behind, beginning her jog around the gym and quickly catching up with Charlotte. Running felt so easy to Lizzie now. She tried to pretend as if she were breathing hard as Charlotte huffed and puffed next to her, unknowingly pushing the pace beyond what her friend could manage.

“You’ll never believe what happened a minute ago, Char.” Lizzie said as they finished their run. Charlotte bent over, her hands on her knees as she struggled for air. Lizzie seemed completely unaffected, oblivious to her friend’s plight. “Daphne just asked me to join the cheer team!”

If she hadn’t been breathing so heavily, Charlotte would have wretched.

“She said you quit?” Lizzie cocked an eyebrow as she raised her rounded calf to her shapely ass in the first of the class’ post-run stretches. “That true?”

“I didn’t… quit,” puffed Charlotte, her expression glum, still panting. “They kicked… me out. Said I wasn’t… cheer material… anymore.”

Lizzie looked at Charlotte’s heavier figure. Her friend had never been particularly skinny, and she had put on a few extra pounds recently. She looked down at her own svelte frame, surmising the reason for Daphne’s attempt at a personnel switch. The head cheerleader had been hoping for an attractiveness upgrade to raise the stature of the team.

“Aww. You’re too good for them anyway,” Lizzie lied with a smile, failing to notice the hurt in her friend’s eyes. “And so am I. I mean, I’m going to be so far beyond them soon, so what’s the point, right?”

That probably wasn’t the most understanding thing to say to her friend, but it was what she was thinking. The important thing was that she had said no, right?

Lizzie laughed as she finished her stretches bounding over to the line following Mr. Mann. Charlotte shuffled slowly behind her, her face twisted into a dark scowl.

Finished with their warm-up run and stretches, their gym teacher, Mr. Mann, showed them the free weights and machines in the school’s weight room. He was a huge beast of a man, doubling as the school’s football coach. He rattled off a few 275 lb. bench presses as a demonstration before moving on to the next exercise.

As the rest of the class watched their teacher demonstrate weighted back squats, Lizzie grabbed the bar that Mr. Mann had been pressing and gave it an experimental one-handed curl. The bar rose to her slim but defined bicep with ease. She quickly set it back down, the bar making a soft clank as it came to rest in its cradle.

Suddenly, Lizzie felt thoughts of anger, jealousy, and betrayal from someone in the class, her rudimentary mental powers beginning to kick in. She whirled to see who had seen her lift the bar, but everyone was looking at Mr. Mann. Her eyes roamed the group before landing on Daphne. Had it been her? Probably. The bitchy little princess probably didn’t want her position at the top of the school’s dating pool threatened. Somehow, the thought only made Lizzie feel better about herself.

Lizzie didn’t even notice Charlotte’s jealous, sidelong glances at her increasingly powerful physique.


“Is that drool on your lips?” Lizzie smirked, giving Charlotte a flirtatious wink. Pretty much every part of her friend’s body was too magnificent to be real. While there might still be a supermodel that could compete with her friend in the looks department, she doubted it. The worst part of all was that, despite all the changes, her friend’s physical appearance was still very recognizably Lizzie—the woman before her simply a far, far better version. 

“Shut up, Lizzie,” Charlotte retorted. She was growing increasingly irritated with her friend. The girl’s arrogance seemed to be developing as quickly as her beauty.

The ravishing girl went back to admiring herself in the tight dress before the triple-paned mirror at the expensive boutique. “I wouldn’t blame you if you were, you know. I mean look at me. I’m completely stunning!”

She twisted her sleek hips, her abs now so defined that Charlotte could see the lines between them even through the clingy fabric of the sexy dress. And her legs! She was now so tall that everything she was trying on looked scandalously short on her freakishly long legs. They were so deliciously muscled and satiny smooth that Charlotte felt the urge to pull her own skirt downward self-consciously, noting the dimpling of her fleshy thighs under her fingers as she did. She had just been so angry over the last couple of weeks, watching her friend become more radiantly gorgeous every day, that she had taken to eating ever greater quantities as a way to deal with the unwanted feelings of hatred and jealousy that consumed her these days. She had put on nearly ten pounds in two weeks!

After a few more minutes of ogling her own reflection, Lizzie finally turned to her friend once again, looking down at Charlotte with furrowing, perfect brows over huge, expressive blue eyes. “Aren’t you going to try anything on? The midwinter dance is next week!”

Frankly, Charlotte was beginning to think that going to the dance was a bad idea. Everyone at school could talk about nothing but Lizzie’s breathtaking ascension in beauty, though she hadn’t disclosed the reason behind it publicly yet. Charlotte knew that she herself was looking worse than ever, sinking ever further into despair after having lost her boyfriend, her lifelong dream of becoming a Supergirl, and, in many ways, her best friend. She didn’t exactly feel like putting her added pounds on display in a clingy dress at a school dance. Especially not while all the guys ogled her friend.

“No,” replied Charlotte sullenly. “I’m not trying anything on. In fact, I was thinking that maybe we should just skip the dance and stay home. Maybe we can take Instagram cosplay pictures or something like we used to…”

Lizzie seemed conflicted for a moment, but saw Charlotte’s hopeful expression and reluctantly agreed. “Okay, Char.” Then, she looked at the brunette with a critical eye. “You’d probably have to go up a size or two on the dress, anyway, and that’s no fun.”

The breathtakingly beautiful girl gave a light laugh, her voice, like her body, having become smoother and sexier over the past two weeks. Then, she glided away, disappearing in the changing room with a clack of the flimsy door.

Charlotte stewed, her face reddening with rage at her friend’s dress size comment. The worst part was that the comment was true.

Oblivious to her friend’s feelings of inadequacy, Lizzie called out from the changing room. “Mind if we stop at the lingerie store before we go? I keep telling my mom I don’t need a bra anymore, but she always gives me crap when she can see my nipples through my clothes. I’ve got to see if they have anything in a 34-DDD cup…”


It was Saturday afternoon, the day of the midwinter dance at school. She had agreed to spend the day with Charlotte rather than going to the dance, but now she wished she hadn’t. It was becoming so easy to wrap men around her little finger that she was certain she could have her pick of the guys at the dance. 

Lizzie lounged in short-shorts and a t-shirt, reading a book on her bed. Her amazingly long legs were extended on the top of her bed, endless, sleek, and perfect. Her huge, perfect breasts had added another cup size, stretching her t-shirt to its limits.

Luxuriating in the sensual feelings that life as a developing goddess aroused within her, she laughed in delight. God, every minute seemed to be even more amazing than the next! It was like her senses, her body, and her mind were coming together in perfect harmony, effortlessly forming new connections and new abilities within her increasingly spectacular form

She reached down to the bed frame and curled her fingers around it, enjoying the feel of the metal as it bent under the pressure of her soft, feminine skin.

How could she have ever thought of refusing this wonderful gift?! It was more amazing than she could have ever imagined possible!

Suddenly a thought struck her. What if she were to go lose all of this, going back to being plain old Lizzie? What if she could give it to Charlotte instead. Would she? She shuddered, disturbed by the thought. It would be an absolute nightmare! No, she wouldn’t be able to live with the thought of this gift going to someone else—especially her friend. Not now that she’d experienced it herself. She had been stupid to have even considered giving it up. Her perfect body, expanding mind, and burgeoning powers could never be given up. They were who she was now. She wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Lizzie heard a gasp from her doorway. She craned her neck to see Charlotte standing there, mouth open. She laughed. “I guess I’m literally breathtaking now, huh Char?”

She rose from the bed, stretching her interminable legs and long, willowy arms. Her chest, thrust forward, nearly burst through the fabric of her t-shirt. She towered over her friend now, their difference in height underscoring just how superior Lizzie now was to her friend.

Lizzie pursed her luscious lips, roaming her eyes over her friend’s heavier appearance. “Too bad I can’t say the same for you, Char. Geez! How much are you eating these days?”

“That’s none of your business,” Charlotte snapped, her lips drawing into a thin, tight line.

“Touched on a sensitive subject, I see,” replied Lizzie breezily. She knew she was goading Charlotte, and somewhere inside her, she knew she was being a little cruel, but she just couldn’t seem to muster the energy to care. All her energy seemed wrapped up in developing her powers, and her still-ascending beauty. How could anything be concerning when she was becoming more goddess-like every day?!

“So, cosplay time?” asked Charlotte in an attempt to change the subject before her anger got the better of her.

“Sure,” said Lizzie absently, her luminous eyes coming to rest on the costume that she had recently bought, still sitting unopened on top of her dresser. Once, she had been determined to avoid putting on a Supergirl suit—even a normal one—at all costs. Now, she felt more compelled than ever to try the real deal.

Charlotte’s frown slowly faded as she came inside, tossing her coat over the chair. She set her backpack on Lizzie’s desk, drawing out a Supergirl costume of her own. Dressing up as a Queen had always been a favorite hobby of hers. It had always made her feel better, sexier, more powerful. The brunette had told Lizzie numerous times that the blue and red skin-tight suit always made her feel like more of a woman than anything else could.

Lizzie watched as Charlotte’s stern expression faded, becoming a genuine smile as she ran her fingers over the silky material. The upward curl of her friend’s lips and increasingly clear impressions from her improving mental powers, made her realize that she hadn’t seen Charlotte happy for quite a while. As she thought about it, she realized that she hadn’t seen Charlotte like this since she broke the news of her impending Queen status to her friend. It was as if, for a moment, the young brunette had been taken to another world…one in which she was the one who ascended and Lizzie was the one left behind.

Charlotte quickly stripped off her clothes with an enthusiasm she never felt before, and prepared to don the outfit. For a brief moment, just before she put on the costume, all her jealousy and rage were gone. She saw a vision of herself, as if by some miracle, suddenly receiving Lizzie’s gift, transforming and experiencing the wondrous sensations of improvement that were hers by right. In her mind, Lizzie watched in horror as her powers diminished until she was once again her plain old self…

Charlotte took a shuddering breath. Yes, this was right! She didn’t need any stupid shot or test result to become a Queen. She simply needed to believe and the universe would make everything right!

That brief delusion brutally shattered with the sound of the first tear.  It didn’t go on as it had before. It was so snug! She tugged at the material, and the leg holes of the leotard began to tear as they moved higher on her bulky thighs. She tried to ignore the sound of ripping lycra and slipped her arms into the sleeves. The tubes of blue fabric seemed narrower than they ever had before as the costume’s arms stopped halfway down. The additional fat on Charlotte’s upper arms jiggled as she attempted to force them into the slender tunnel of cloth.

This time, the tearing was too dramatic to be ignored. And there was an even worse sound that came along with it. Lizzie. Giggling. Her friend was watching her with amusement, a mocking smile on her gorgeous face. Charlotte’s rage returned with vengeance.

Anger making her attempts to fit into the costume more forceful, the entire length of each arm frayed, then parted, destroying the thin material of the costume’s sleeves. Charlotte’s features drew inward, her expression twisting into one of apoplectic fury as she abandoned the costume’s top for the moment, picked up the skirt instead. Wrapping it around herself, the waistband was at least an inch from being able to close around her thicker middle. She tugged it again and again, more forcefully each time until it snapped in half from the repeated strain.

Charlotte’s flushed face turned a brighter shade of red as she threw down each section of scarlet fabric and tore off the rest of the costume, wadding it up and throwing it across the room in disgust. Beet red and huffing with rage that her lone escape from reality had been literally torn apart by her own body, she quickly changed into her street clothes once again, crossing her arms as she seethed with barely contained anger.

“That… was something,” laughed Lizzie, her mirth now completely unrestrained. When had Charlotte, the girl that had once dreamed of standing among the goddesses, become so absolutely pathetic? She had never truly realized just how far beneath her Charlotte was until that moment. The pitiful brunette was like a petulant child, completely overshadowed by a real woman. Lizzie smiled serenely. It was time she showed her friend exactly how a REAL Supergirl should look.

Lizzie reached for the package and opened it, letting the costume unfold before her. Smirking, she winked at Charlotte before slowly putting on the suit, deliberately showing her friend how the fabric stretched and molded to the elegant contours of her magnificent body. For her, it was simply a few minutes, but for Charlotte, her friend’s display was like an eternity of torture that she couldn’t tear her eyes away from. By the time Lizzie was fully in costume, Charlotte’s body was rigid, with emotions ranging from envy to hatred.

Lizzie’s face looked like that of a goddess, its elegant lines framed by thick, flowing tresses. Her breasts were huge and gravity-defying, stretching the “S” symbol in seductive curves over their dramatic shape. Her nipples dimpled the red and yellow diamond, giving the costume an erotic appeal that she knew would drive any man wild. Her blue-covered arms were perfectly toned, each ridge of slim, sexy muscle visible under its tight embrace. Each of those arms held the strength of several men, moving with a graceful ease that made their power subtly apparent.

Her beautifully carved abs rippled under the caress of the thin blue material as she strode toward her friend, her hips rolling sensually to swish her red skirt and cape from side to side, accentuating their motion. Lizzie’s legs, flowing from beneath the swaying red material were long, lean, and luscious, striations appearing, then fading within their muscled length as she moved with leonine grace.

As she reached her friend, Lizzie twirled, giving her friend a 360-degree view of a body that was far better than Charlotte’s would ever be. She came to a stop just in front of her, towering over her with a smug smile on her achingly perfect lips. “Ta-da!”

Tears welled in Charlotte’s eyes, as she watched her stunning friend show off in front of her. She’d had enough. She couldn’t take any more of this. By embracing her new role as a Supergirl, not only had Lizzie betrayed her, she had taken away her dream, her most precious fantasy. 

“You bitch!” she screamed, tears beginning to stream down her cheeks. “You stole my destiny! I was the one who was supposed to be a Supergirl. Me! Not you, you didn’t even want this!”

Lost in uncontrollable rage, Charlotte swung an open hand toward Lizzie’s resplendent face in an attempt to slap her, but Lizzie’s hand flashed out too quickly for Charlotte to see, her slender fingers curling around her friend’s pudgy wrist.

The young Supergirl squeezed, eliciting a yelp of pain from the brunette, before she threw the girl’s hand down forcefully.

Lizzie looked down her nose at Charlotte and sneered. “So my little fat, ugly friend has finally shown her true colors. Jealous? Worried I’m going to take Mark from you?”

Lizzie smiled darkly as she watched each of her words hit home.

“Oh wait! I forgot!” Lizzie put a slim finger to her lips, her eyes flashing with anger. “You’ve already lost him haven’t you!”

Lizzie laughed cruelly, losing her grip on the feelings of superiority that had been growing stronger by the week, her desire to keep them bottled up lost in her anger at her friend’s sudden betrayal. After all, if Charlotte had been selected as a Supergirl, Lizzie would have been overjoyed for her. Her friend should be feeling the same way for her right now!

“Not that I care. You can have that whimpering little boy for all I care. You two deserve to be miserable together, each wanting something neither can have. I don’t need him, and I don’t need you. I can have anyone I want now!”

A choked sob gurgling from her tight throat, Charlotte finally ran out of her friend’s room, the faint sound of the front door slamming came a moment later.

For a tiny moment, Lizzie was horrified. She felt terrible. Or at least felt as if she should feel terrible. As she turned the day’s event over in her mind, however, she began to reconsider. What had she done wrong? So she had been enjoying her improving body—who wouldn’t?  Charlotte should be happy for her! What a bitch! So things didn’t work out as Charlotte had imagined them? Big deal! Disappointment was part of life. Only one in several million had the opportunity to become a Queen. Lizzie just happened to be that lucky one. Was she supposed to feel bad about that? How was that fair?

Screw her! Lizzie thought suddenly, deciding in that instant to go to the dance, after all. The only reason she wasn’t going was to humor Charlotte and her stupid cosplay fantasies. No, Lizzie would go to the dance, and she was going to show off her body. She was going to have a good time. She was done trying to be nice to her stupid, fat, ugly friend! She didn’t need Charlotte. In fact, the girl was only holding her back. What kind of Queen hung out with losers like her? No, this would be her moment, and hers alone. It was time to let everyone at school know who she was destined to become, to let them bow to their newest Queen!

Lizzie took off her costume and slid the sultry dress she had bought the week prior over her dynamic curves. She looked in the mirror. Her prodigious breasts bulged over the top of the dress—they had grown a bit more since she’d last put this on. The firm, flashless flesh looked amazing, however, pushed upward and outward by the ill-fitting dress like a corset. Lizzie’s ridiculously long legs made the dress, intended to be cut to mid-thigh, look scandalously short, but it covered enough to keep her decent.

Perfect! Lizzie though, admiring her breathtaking appearance. If she were going to show everyone who she really was, she might as well go all out.

In the back of her mind, a small part of her warned. Was this how the corruption of the Supergirls started? Lizzie pushed the thought aside. She didn’t feel like worrying about anything right now. It was time to have some fun.

She left for the dance.


When she arrived at the dance, all eyes turned to her, as if drawn by magnets.

She strutted into the place, her leggy, busty build entrancing the men as it drew their attention effortlessly, vexing them with a number of subconscious questions. Should they look at her exquisite face? Her prodigious chest? Her endless, coltish legs? Starry-eyed masculine gazes tried to drink in her appearance as if they had spent three days in the desert heat with no water.

Mark, Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend, came forward, and said, “I know what you said. Before. In History Class, Lizzie, but I think you should reconsider. Would you dance with me, at least? Give us a chance to talk. I’ve never wanted anything more than to be with a Supergirl. To be with you. Please, Lizzie…” His eyes were imploring as he gazed into her eyes.

Then, a red-and-blue-clad figure floated down behind her. It was Marjorie, the evil bitch queen herself!

“What are you waiting for, Lizzie? Take him. It’s what he wants anyway. Show your friend who you are now. Show all of your friends that you can do whatever you want, take whatever you want, have whoever you want.” Marjorie said.

Lizzie turned to her, speechless. She didn’t know what to say to that. Was this who she was now? Was this what was expected of her now? Marjorie was right! If Mark wanted this… why not give it to him? At least it was a way to get back at Charlotte for the way she’d acted earlier.

Marjorie smiled as she watched Lizzie’s gaze turn toward Mark. Her job now done, she flew away.

No! Lizzie thought, her mind suddenly fierce with resolve. She couldn’t give Marjorie what she wanted. She wouldn’t become like that corrupted, evil bitch! She had begun to feel the corrupting influence of her amazing body and its wonderful abilities, but she wasn’t going to let it rule her. 

Lizzie took a last look at Mark, remembering how quickly he had ditched Charlotte as soon as she got the negative results, and her expressive eyes filled with certainty as she finally addressed him. “No. ”

Confused and struggling with a whirlwind of emotions, the beautiful girl ran away.

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