Today’s Blog Challenge: Write about good things that can come out of a bad situation. If you have an example from personal experience, please share!

Several of the best events in my life have come out of bad situations. Certainly, some of my most memorable and proudest moments have.

A few days after my high school graduation, I was driving, rounding the bend of a freeway exit ramp to see a car flipping into the guard rail and bouncing back into the center of the road. Shocked, I slammed on the brakes, coming to a stop less than ten feet (three meters) from the other vehicle as it rocked, balanced on its crumpled top. I immediately called 911. I held the bloodied, shaking hand of the injured driver until police and firefighters arrived a few minutes later. The man made a point to remember my name and friended/messaged me on Facebook a couple of weeks later to let me know he was fine.

My first time lead climbing, I took a fall while clipping the rope into the second bolt. Luckily, my belayer was diligent and stopped my fall a foot from the ground. I literally set my feet down on the ground and stood up afterward. Still shaking, I immediately found the starting holds of the route again and began climbing. I’m glad I didn’t hesitate. As close as I came to serious injury, I may never have climbed again if I had.

In high school, I was my class valedictorian, so I was unaccustomed to bad grades. In my freshman year of college, however, I received a D+ in a difficult matrix algebra/linear transformations math class whose first exam consisted of nothing but proofs (something I had never been required to do in high school). I considered dropping the class but, in a bout of stubbornness, decided that I was going to keep at it and figure it out. I received the highest curve-breaking marks in the class on the two subsequent exams and ended with an A- in the class. After that, I always persevered through any difficulties in school, never dropping a class in either my undergraduate or grad student careers.

I know that these are minor relative the bad situations that many have gone through, but they were traumatic, in their own ways, for me. They have helped me have the confidence to handle adversity in my life over the years.


I have a new novella (about 30% longer than The Lake by word count) based on a wonderful idea from a patron, Bolt521 who commissioned the story. It will be published on Amazon soon. Here’s the summary blurb:

When four high school seniors stumble across abandoned military nanotechnology, they will discover new abilities beyond their wildest imaginations. When one of their friends, however, begins to become suspicious, she learns what had happened to the others and begins to covet the gifts that they’ve received.
What will happen as the friends are caught up in a struggle for superhuman abilities? Will one of the girls fall prey to the temptation of ultimate power? Find out in this dark, graphic novella who will take… Control.


It’s very dark and very graphic. More so than any of my previous non-horror stories, so if that’s not your cup of tea, please be aware.

Free (and Good) LitRPG

My favorite LitRPG series–really the only one that I like–is being offered for free on Kindle from now until March 24. I highly recommend them. Literally, the entire series is free for the next few days as a gesture by the author to entertain all of us stuck at home for the foreseeable future…

Link to Book One of Awaken Online

The Great Toilet Paper Evaporation of 2020

Today’s Blogging Challenge Topic: COVID-19. It’s affecting all of us in one way or another. Never in our lifetimes have we seen something of this magnitude and severity. So today, check in with yourself and your fellow competitors – how are you? Where is your head at? What’s worrying you? Let’s gather our WDC community around us and hunker down together.

COVID-19. Such a sterile, scientific name. It seems as though something as major as this should have a really rad name. I’m thinking of something like:
Bio Death Machine
Gaia’s Population Culler
Going Viral IRL
Whoa, Wuhan!
The Great Toilet Paper Evaporation of 2020

Seriously, though, I’m fine. I hope that everyone here is as well. I’m a little sick at being at home all the time, though I’ve gone to friends’ places a couple of times, and I go out for a run on the trail daily. I give everyone a wide berth when I’m running, attempting to keep social distancing in mind. It’s a drag, but it’s worth it if it stops the spread of the virus. I’m not worried for myself or my sister. I’m young and healthy. I know that’s no guarantee, but I think I would make it through if I contracted the thing. I’m really only worried about my parents and my other friends and relatives over 60. So far, so good…


Okay, so the draft of the Control novella is finished and delivered to the patron who came up with the concept. Finished it in under a week by really focusing in on it hard. Only wrote a few other things during the time I worked on it.

I really like it, but it’s dark. Like seriously dark. Definitely a hard “R” rating. Hope you’re all up for a wild ride.

Anyway, stay tuned. It should be hitting Amazon within the next week.


Today’s Blogging Question: Does your communication style tend to be straightforward or subtle? Are you more likely to speak your mind or beat around the bush? Have you ever gotten into trouble because of your communication style?

I’m not subtle. Like, at all.

Subtlety <> me.

I’m far more likely to speak my mind. To the point where I get myself into trouble… which happens to be the very next question. If you want to see how, exactly, my communication style gets me into trouble, I’d encourage you to read the following. The first of which is a limerick on this very topic, and the second and third of which are rated XGC (extremely graphic content). You’ve been warned… 😉

 POETRYPrattle  (E)
My first limerick!
#2214667 by HikerAngel (41
 SHORT STORYThe Writer’s Worst Nightmare  (XGC)
Just for fun… 🙂
#2207531 by HikerAngel (41
 SHORT STORYThe Destruction of the Fences  (XGC)
I like censorship. Believe that? I’ve got some property in Antarctica to sell you… 😉
#2211311 by HikerAngel (41
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