Blackened Butterflies

Ripped from the sky
by wild sulfurous tongues,
acrid embers flash.
Seething hissing snaps
inhale vaporized, smoke-charred wings.
Trailing pulverized billows,
corpuscular detritus of summer’s languid bobbing
devoured by black-toothed beatific grins.
Gasping wheezes of violet twilight
salute the corpse of forest freedoms
stolen by the screaming contagion
of our interminable coming night.

12 lines of free verse

Soul Sapping

Distant crags
decorate horizon,
promise rising hope
to come.


Parched, skeletal limbs
coated in windswept powder
aching for quench.


White knuckles,
fingers clench.
hither to yonder


creeping longer
with every step.
Scent of decay wafts
spring evening breeze.

isolation. Newsletter Mentions

In this week’s newsletters, I had two mentions:

Utopia is Boring made the Science Fiction/Fantasy newsletter

Phoenix made the For Authors newsletter

More importantly, however, I discovered that this is Poetry Month. Yay!!! Get ready for some poetry this month, guys… been meaning to write a sexy poem, something I’ve never tried. Maybe this will be the month for it… 😉

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