Bandit Art

slosh-clack shake spray paint mists back streethissing splashes vibrant palettefervent frenzy sizzles concrete all are equal, this ain’t wall streetrace non-issue, nameless talentslosh-clack shake spray paint mists back street bouncing bobbing to that dope beatmouthing drake, her tongue a malletfervent frenzy sizzles concrete powered people call her deadbeatfuck the blowhards on the ballotslosh-clack shake sprayContinue reading “Bandit Art”

The Minimal Effort Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon

I wrote a guide to self-publishing both print and eBooks on Amazon Kindle in seven easy steps. Much of this information can be found elsewhere, but after struggling through it, I decided to make my own super-simple guide with all of the instructions in one place. I hope it’s useful to some nascent authors lookingContinue reading “The Minimal Effort Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon”

Unknowable Like Pi

Cotton candy wafting through sticky nostrils,elephant ears scalding youthful throats.Bucket seats rise, legs swinging careless and free,time marches, its passenger a tightening throat.Peak ever approaching but forever distantuntil rusted support erased from sight. Gone. Stomach-floating fall, first warning tardy,Mr. Ferris and his giant wheel grind on,rolling inexorably clockwise to unlit, mazed depths.Direction, distance? Compass-spinningly unknowableContinue reading “Unknowable Like Pi”

Control is Live on Amazon!

My new Control novella is live on Amazon. It’s a very dark, graphic science fiction superhero/supervillain story. (Think Alien with a supervillainess.) You have been warned… 🙂