I can’t stop listening to Halsey right now :)

The lyrics to New Americana… Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottlesJust what you’d expect inside her new BalenciagaVile romance, turned dreams into an empireSelf made success now she woes with Rockefellers Survival of the richestThe city’s ours until the fallThey’re Monaco and Hamptons boundBut we don’t feel like outsiders at all We are the new AmericanaHigh onContinue reading “I can’t stop listening to Halsey right now :)”

Stephen King

Brilliant writer. I can see why he is so popular. His writing is bold and dramatic. It drips with sensory description. He is so good at using every sense to give it an immersive feel. I’m reading Misery based on SleepySerpent’s recommendation. I love his description of Annie. It is as much about how she comes across toContinue reading “Stephen King”