Blogging Challenge Topic Today: 
Do you write like you talk? Blogging is inherently personal and therefore leaves a lot of room for your unique voice. How do you show your reader your personality through your writing?

“The blogging challenge lady asked WHAT?!” came the reply from one of the voices in my head.

“She wants to know if I write like I talk!” said the second voice.

“Like you talk to who?” questioned Voice 1. “Yourself? Or normal people?”

“She didn’t really specify!” Voice 2 responded. “I guess that’s up to us… but she did say it could be our unique voice…” 

“Which of our unique voices?”

“I don’t think that she was necessarily considering the fact that some of us might have more than one. She also asked how we show our readers our personality through our writing.”

“Which personality?”

“Again. I think we’re relatively unusual in that we have more than one. We’re probably a little crazy or something.”

“Hmm… well that makes things kinda confusing!”

“Yeah. Doesn’t it, though?”

“Why don’t we show our readers both of our voices?”

“Both? But what if they’re freaked out?!” Voice 2 said in alarm.

Voice 1 shrugged. “Then they’ve got no sense of humor, I suppose.”

“At least not our kind of sense of humor,” Voice 2 suggested diplomatically.

“Well, our sense of humor is the only one worth…”

“DON’T you dare finish that horrible sentiment!” Voice 2 interrupted in a stern tone. “You’re going to make us sound completely conceited! And we’re not! Not at all!”

“Fine!” Voice 1 grumbled. “But I think we should show them our internal dialog. It might be fun! Sure would make for a heck of a blog…”

Voice 2 considered, putting its metaphorical finger to its metaphorical lips. “Okay. Deal. We’ll give it a try.”

Voice 1 pranced around HikerAngel’s head in a victory lap. Voice 2 simply smiled and shook her head at the antics of her less mature half.

Published by HikerAngel

I love to write. I primarily focus on female characters who become more beautiful and powerful, but I also write just about everything else, from poetry to comedy to horror. I have a number of short stories freely available on writing.com, deviantart.com, and superwomenmania.com.

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