Ironically, the topic for today’s blogging challenge is patience.


Something of which I have heard but manifestly do not have.

My idea of patience is waiting 30 seconds for the self-checkout line at the grocery store… and even that tests it. It’s almost bearable if I’m listening to an audiobook as I wait, at least. 😉

Luckily, there are benefits to my impatience. I can never wait to start on something new. It makes me fairly prolific as a writer, though I sometimes struggle with the patience to finish longer works.

The final question was which is more satisfying: instant or delayed gratification?


By far.

And even that’s too slow.


Published by HikerAngel

I love to write. I primarily focus on female characters who become more beautiful and powerful, but I also write just about everything else, from poetry to comedy to horror. I have a number of short stories freely available on,, and

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