Today’s blog challenge question is…

What is your first memory of being really excited?

My first memory of being really excited was at Christmas. I remember running into my parents’ room rarin’ to see my stocking. My parents would wrap odds and ends like toothpaste, lip balm, and dental floss to put in our stockings, but I just loved all those little things to unwrap. It didn’t really matter what they were…

It’s ironic that this is the blog topic today, however, as I wait here in anticipation, clicking “refresh” over and over on my browser to see if my novel, co-authored with ElF, has been published on Amazon yet…

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I love to write. I primarily focus on female characters who become more beautiful and powerful, but I also write just about everything else, from poetry to comedy to horror. I have a number of short stories freely available on writing.com, deviantart.com, and superwomenmania.com.

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