Birthed with a Brainstorm


Today’s 30-day blogging challenge topic.


They aren’t my favorite thing, beckoning silently for attention, showing me everything that I need to accomplish. I can’t imagine life without them, however, as much as I might like to.

For me, at least, lists are a necessity for organizing thinking on a larger project. They may represent the steps that I know I need to take in order to accomplish my goal. They may represent the resources I need to align. They may represent things that I need from others to accomplish my goal.

I am absolutely a list maker, though I don’t know that I would say list making either stifles or enhances creativity. It can be a helpful element of a larger creative endeavor, I suppose. And the act of creating a list, especially one birthed with a brainstorm can be a bit of a creative act in and of itself.

To me, lists are a necessary evil, much like deadlines. They create a bit of pressure, but without them, it would be much more difficult to get things accomplished.

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I love to write. I primarily focus on female characters who become more beautiful and powerful, but I also write just about everything else, from poetry to comedy to horror. I have a number of short stories freely available on,, and

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