Starting in earnest on another longer work

I’m beginning work on another superwoman novel. This one will have a post apocalyptic feel and is inspired partially by a concept from sgaww on DeviantArt as well as by the sort of Brandon Sanderson novels that involve a small band of heroes that are up against a foe who is virtually impossible to beat. I love that dynamic within his stories and intend to do my best to capture a bit of that feel. While I’m certain that I won’t be able to deliver as well as he does, I will do my best. It will be a fun exercise to attempt. The more ambitious the project, the more motivating it is for me. 🙂

I love the characters that I’ve come up with for this one. I believe that they will be enough to hold my ADD-addled brain’s interest for a longer work like this. I have a rough plan for a three act structure to the story, but we’ll see. Sometimes my plans give way to the direction the characters pull me. 🙂

Anyway, one of the things I love about interactive stories or shorter stories is the short wait between the crafting and watching the views rise and comments come in. Including others in my work, whether as participants or simply silent, anonymous readers, is a huge motivator for me. While there are many reasons not to show the world my work on novel like this as I craft it, I’m going to. I have been advised not to, and the advice I’ve received is sound. But I’m going to do it anyway. It will be rough, unpolished, and frequently embarrassing as I put words on the page in a first draft. However, I think that the camaraderie of it, the viewers, the feedback will be fun and motivating for me.

I realize that from a commercial perspective, this makes no sense at all. I’m allowing my core reader base to read it for free on an endeavor that I hope to reap at least some small benefit from financially (I have student loans to pay off, after all! :), but I know myself. I won’t stick with the story if it is hidden away in private for a couple of months as I work my way through it. Even if I do, it will feel like work, not enjoyment. And the enjoyment, the connection with others is really why I do this, not money. I want to remain focused on my real reasons for this. 🙂

A couple of you know that I was recently offered the opportunity to ghost write a romance novel for another, far more successful, indie author, under her “brand”. The money would have been good relative to the few hundred dollars I’ve made thus far from my writing had I accepted. I declined.

I write partly as an act of catharsis, partly for my readers, and mostly to connect with others in a free, more honest, more direct way than I am normally able. I have difficulty truly communicating outside of the protection of the anonymity that my HikerAngel mask provides. That is the true reason that I write. While money would be a nice side benefit, it is just that–a side benefit. If it ever becomes the primary reason that I write, I believe that it will greatly lessen the enjoyment for me, I think.

If you’ve made it this far through my rambling, I will now share the view link for the Google Doc that it’s on:

Again, it will be rough and it won’t receive updates every day, though it is difficult for me to imagine not getting to it at least a few times per week, even as I write other things in the interim.

If you prefer to read more polished, finished work, then my all means, wait for the finished product. If you feel like checking in from time to time, however, on my next book as I work my way through it, please feel free.

As always, I would welcome feedback, critical or positive. Critical is so helpful, positive so motivating. If you could like access to actually make edits, feel free to message me.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope that you enjoy the new story, either as it develops or as a finished work.


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